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First week with AutoXleeve

First week with AutoXleeve

This Device is a dream come true!
I’ve been using only the pink and the yellow:
With the yellow I sometimes put the embedded weight and sometimes I just put on the silicone with the top only (without tying it to anything) throughout the day, it gets my flaccid length much bigger than usual.

With the pink I sleep at night, with the embedded weight, I don’t feel anything and never wake up, everything is ok when I take it off as well.

Sometimes I tie the yellow to my shoulder with the strap, it’s pretty comfortable however you can see that something’s there…

With the yellow + embedded weight I’ve been through a whole day without taking it off, it was great, my EQ is incredible!
Plus I got my gains back (I stopped PEing and I lost the 0.5 inches I gained, and just got them back).

One word of advice (especially if your flaccid length is small): put the silicone on when you’re half erected or more, and if you’re a bit short and there’s a lot of silicone at the base of your penis that might “choke your chicken”, I’d cutting it so you won’t lose circulation (or perhaps putting the top in the middle of the silicone so all that spare silicone is on the other side).
I’m not a big fan of tying it to my leg, I don’t like when it disturbs my walking, but the shoulder tying is just fine and the embedded weight is my favorite.

I’ve never been able to wear all those JesExtender & Ando Penis devices beneath my clothes, but this is as easy as it can get.

I have a question about ADS and couldn’t seem to start a new thread, so I’m going to place it in here since this seems to be a good place as it’s just informative rather than a direct question.

I was wondering as far as ADS go, should you complete the three month newbie routine before beginning these systems?

Secondly, how much tension should the system apply? At first you’d want to start out low, but what are you working your way up to? Should you feel a lig stretch?

Lastly, with the vac type systems, do you have to worry about circulation to the glans or are they pretty safe regarding this? What are the signs to look out for to let you know if the sleeve is too tight?

I’m also wondering about wearing it in the heat, is it fine to do or not recommended?

Originally Posted by the_Black_Mamba

I’m also wondering about wearing it in the heat, is it fine to do or not recommended?

Good question. I would guess that it’s ok, even good to heat the penis while wearing it

Before: 6.7" x 4"

Now: 7" x 4.7"

Goal: 7.8" x 6" (20 cm * 15 cm)

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