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First try with Heat with Clamping

First try with Heat with Clamping


I have been clamping for a few months now starting off real slow. 2 sets every other day at 5 to 7 min max . Last night I tried wrapped a hot face towel around while clamping and the pressure seemed more intense! Also when I finished up I noticed some small red dots that never appeared on the shaft before. They reminded me of when I first started Jelqing (the little red dots on the glands that fade away)

Do you think that the small red dots are showing up because I am clamping the correct way and getting blood to new areas of the shaft?

Or am I clamping way to hard?

I get the dots, one time REALLY bad, on my shaft from doing horse 440’s way too hard, so I would assume it’s from the clamping and really intense pressure. Mine were really really bad, I mean my whole underside of my cock was blood red. Scared the shit out of me really. It went away after a day off.

When I first started clamping I would get the red dots. After you mature into your clamping routine your dick typically ( or mine did) will receive less of the red dots.

Interesting idea.. Well, that has some point really. Can’t approve it though, just because by now clamping is too early for me

Any red dots mean you’re putting to much pressure on your unit. Fast track to discoloration if you ask me..

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Thanks for the help! I think I’m going to keep up with the heat and reduce my clamping time just a bit.. I’m already feeling a difference in girth from clamping! Looking forward to reaching my goal!

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