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first timer needs advice

first timer needs advice

I was just wondering if anyone else had similar problems to me, and if PE helped get things on the right track?

My cock never seems to expand to full capacity, especially during one of those raging hardons, where it actually feels thinner than when it’s just swollen during a semi.
Anyone else experience this? It’s frustrating.
If I hold at the base and squeeze blood in, my girth almost doubles, but if I just let myself get hard naturally, I don’t get anywhere near that big, especially at the head, which doesn’t seem to expand much at all.
Do you think I should leave things be, or try a light programme of PE to try and help things expand to a size which I am obviously physically capable of, but never seem to be able to achieve under normal circumstances

The size of your erect penis is limited by blood inflow. This to a relies on blood pressure and resistance in the vessels that fill the penis. Theless resistance or the higher the pressure head into the penis the better the erection. (the real reason why bp meds can in some men reveal ed is that their penis was getting erect based on higher pressure, the resistance in the penile vessels having gone up silently during the years. As bp is reduced to normal, if the resistance in the penile vessels is unchanged then ed is revealed. Viagra works by reducing the reversible component of the vessel resistance). when you sqeeze from the outside of the penis you are adding pressure to the corpora that otherwise could not be achieved. It is normal even during a diamond cutter erection to get even harder and bigger if you squeeze and add pressure to the chambers.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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