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First time posting

First time posting

Hey all, I have been a lurker here for some time now. Just reading different things, and trying to figure everything out. Here is what is on my mind.

First off, thanks to all who have given their knowledge, and those that have had to ask for certain things.

I am 41, in basically good shape, but over the past few months I have noticed that my erection quality is not what I would like it to be. I used to be able to get rock hard and maintain that hardness until after ejaculation. Now it seems as if sometimes, I can’t even get a good erection at all. I’d say around 70%, and then diminish from there, or not so often it would get better. My question is this. If I start PE ing will it do me more harm than good? What I mean is that I have been doing some of the newbie routine, but it doesn’t seem to be helping with my eq. Maybe I’m not doing enough, or maybe I’m doing to much. I’d hate to do more harm than good, if you know what I mean. Are there any type of supplements that help with eq? Nothing hardcore, just something to help out. Maybe it’s just my age?? I just had complete blood work done and everything is in the good ranges. Any help is appreciated, and thanks for your time.

Hello busterhymen,

PE done in the proper way could only be good for penis healt. Complete blood work ok? That’s good, but did you also a testosteron exam? Low EQ could have many causes, even psychological one.

I think you should start from the linear routine, the ‘light-version’ of the newbie routine. If your general health is ok, your EQ should improve with PE.

A useful reading would be this Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!
just in case you haven’t read yet.

Keep us updated, and…..good luck!


I’ll attempt to answer a couple of your questions.

First, no it isn’t your age. We have other gentlemen here older than you who are gaining and doing well in the EQ area.

Second, sometimes less is more when it comes to PE, check out the thread on negative and positive PI’s (check my favorite button, its in there). Listen to what your penis is telling you, it knows if you are doing to much, or not enough. Remember this, injuries tend to put a screeching halt to PE until everything is healed resulting in a delay of gains. I know you don’t have one, and I’d like to keep it that way.

Third, just because the blood work came back a-okay, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a issue with the prostate. So I have to ask, is your urine flow strong? If it is, I’d check with the urologist on the EQ issues. Providing you aren’t overdoing the newbie routine. OH and one other thing, the newbie routine isn’t carved in stone, but rather serves as a guideline, you have to adjust and modify to meet your individual needs.

Supplements, well there is a debate, we know that penis pills are a scam, however, some of the ingredients might be helpful. Check out the supplements forum to gain information there.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Hey marinera,

Thanks for the information. No, I haven’t had a testosterone test, maybe I should, just to get a baseline on where I stand. I will keep this updated, because I think I might be needing some more help. Thanks again!

Thanks sunshinekid,

That all makes sense. No problem with the urine flow. I know it’s not carved in stone, so I tend to take it a little easy, since just starting this.

Thanks for your input.

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