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First time measuring

First time measuring

I finally measured my self for the first time I’m kind of disappointed after having a 7.25 bpel

And 6 girth I never measured my self before ever, but I been doing jelqing and stretching about 8 months I really wanna work on my length but don’t know what to do I wanna get the bib but not enough privacy in the house if anyone knows other manual pe for length please let me know

So…you have a 7.25” x 6” dick

And you’re disappointed? Sheesh…get with the program man.

You’re huge. Do some more intense stretching to target the length.

I always thought my flacid was good enough since it was 5 inch that’s why I never measured I thought cause of that I be at least 7.6 or 7.8 bpel

Lol ufgator I know that I should be thankful but I feel like I got a size queen at home

But I think you right cause I been only stretching for 20 min for about 2 months it’s mostly been jelqing and thanks gator

And in 8 months you had a constant routine? Or you’ve done these week 3 days, next week 4 or 5 or PE? And you haven’t gained anything? Not even a 0.3? Good luck men

01.11.2010 BPEL - 7 ,EG - 5

GOAL - 0.5 so I can be a believer!

Idk if I gain anything cause I never measured before I even started but I haven’t been on and off I usually do 5 day on and 2 days off but I notice that my flacid was more meaty and longer even on cold days

That’s a big dick, be happy with it.

Man I would be proud of 7.25 after reading all the encouraging post on this site keep up a steady routine and you will hit your target.

(Beginning 1/17/11): 6 3/4" (bpel) 5 1/4" (eg)

(Short Term Goal): 7 1/2"(bpel) 6" (eg) (5/22/11) 7"(bpel) 5 1/4" (eg)

Thanks guys and my Target is 8 and when I keep reading here it does keep me motivated

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