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First time gains


First time gains

So for six month I was jelqing and stretching and I got nothing to show for it. I tried many different types of stretches and exercises routines. I would stretch so hard sometimes my forearm would hurt. I also tried erect jelqing for a little while. However I decided it was too dangerous. Since I didn’t have enough info on it. While I was stretching and jelqing I was getting positive pe, but no gains. So at the start of last month. I decided to give handing a try. For the first week I hung 2.5lb and for the 2nd & 3rd week I hung 5lb. On the fourth week 7.25lb. I increased the weight faster than I thought I would. But I had to, so I could keep feeling that stretched feeling. After a month of hanging I have gained .25 inches in length. I have measured several times to make sure. I went to 10 lb yesterday because I could barely feel a stretch with 7.25lb. But 10lb is more than I thought it would be. I am still going to stay with 10lb though, seeing as 7.25 felt like at lot at the time. Ps I have been hanging for three fifteen minute sessions. Also I am going to be attending trade school in a couple of weeks. I will be living on campus so I will not be able to hang anymore. Do you think I will lose my newly gained .25 inches? I was thinking since it took me so long to gain, maybe I wouldn’t lose it so easily. Like, easy come easy go. Hard come hard go. lol

That’s great! I didn’t gain anything for my first 6 months either. And suddenly bam! I seemed to gain everyday for the next three months or so. Glad you stuck with it. Congratulations!

Not sure what to tell you about the dorms. The key to success for many seems to be consistency although I am not so consistent myself and still gain. At the least maybe if you can find 20 minutes a day for privacy and go manual again you should be able to at least keep your gains. Speculation of course.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

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You can retain most of your gains with a maintenaince routine : stretch when you can, with moderate force; and jelq a bit, even if it gave you no gains in the past still it is a ‘must’ exercise IMHO.

Your gains do show that for you moderate force for prolonged time works best for you, so if you don’t have privacy to do hanging, maybe you could consider using an extender, or even low-pressure pumping.

Congrats! Yea for us hard gainers hanging seems to do wonders. As far as the privacy issue in your dorms, I’d say maybe buy an ADS and do manual stretching and Jelqing to keep your gains. As far as gaining more, it might be tough to do so if your penis is used to heavy weights. So what is your current size?

I never thought I would be a hard gainer. I was going to use hanging to add that last half inch not to make initial gains. I thought maybe two months of manual pe and I should start gaining. See as how consistent I was with my pe. Also my BPEL is 6.5, EG 5.5 and thanks for the advice guys.

Originally Posted by stuzilla
Hanging did it for me to. Funny really, when I started PE I said to myself, there’s no way I’m going to hang weights from my wang.:)

Would that be Wanging?

Hey StichInsGluck. Congrats dude. I’m glad that hanging appears to be what works for you.

In my opinion it doesn’t get any better then hanging. I mean think about it. You are applying constant stretch force to your penis for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. What’s so good about hanging is you know how much force you are applying to your penis in the form of poundage. With this knowledge you can increase the poundage to increase the tension when ever platueos come around.

To me this is the most direct way to enlarge the male organ. Hanging is one of the oldest methods in the book when it comes to PE but to me it’s also the best way. It’s so basic but it gets the job done.

Congrats again bro. Quick question. What angle are you hanging in that led to your gains and what’s your hanging set up look like?

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When I first started hanging I was just standing and swinging the weights forward & backward. But that was just too boring. So I decided to learn to juggle while jk I downloaded some episodes of the tv show House and now I hang while watching the show. I am lend over my computer desk swing the weights forward & backward and from lift to right. My hanging device consists of a small bed sheet tied to some weights and then tied to my penis. I went for simplicity in the design of my of my hanger. :) Btw a couple of days ago I sneezed while hanging. I almost fell to my knees, it hurt so much. Lol

SIG, search for ‘AFB hanger’. Don’th hang with a sheet tied to your penis.

Thanks for the suggestion marinera. Now that I know hanging works. I think I will invest some time into making a decent hanger.

Originally Posted by StichInsGluck
“But that was just too boring. So I decided to learn to juggle while jk”.. “I am lend over my computer desk swing the weights forward & backward and from lift to right.”


You tie a sheet to your penis? I can you see injuring yourself with this method as you increase weight. How the hell do you tie it on there?

Originally Posted by gapinga

You tie a sheet to your penis? I can you see injuring yourself with this method as you increase weight. How the hell do you tie it on there?

At first I was just just using the sheet. Until I got to 7.25lb then it started to get uncomfortable. So I got a sock and started using it for padding. The knot that I use isn’t anything special. I am making a AFB hanger right now so that should be better.

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