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First session - not much happens


First session - not much happens

Do you have to have big expectations when you start jelqing ?

It didnt grew in length the first session..

Also it didnt grew much when I stretched it hard

Welcome aboard Verthirz.
You know the gains don’t come overnight nor right after the workout. Just make sure you are doing the right newbie routine and keep your boy safe. Normally you will see the first result in two weeks. After that, just be consistent and stay motivated, and the results might be more than you ever expected ;)

Good luck!


7 x 6 EG is perfect!

Routine : Manual-V-Inverted V-JAI-BTC stretches (alot of stretches :D ). Wet Jelq, Pumping (once a week to maintain my girth)

It’s just hard to believe this would actually work.

I don’t want to be sceptical , but if I pull every day on my tongue for like 5 minutes a day , it wouldn’t grew that much ;d

Maybe I just don’t have enough blood tissue in the penis ?

Originally Posted by Verthirz

It’s just hard to believe this would actually work.

Oh Verhirz, don’t ever make this idea come across your mind again if you want to see a lot bigger dick in a year :)

As I have just mentioned earlier, go for your newbie routine and keep it consistent.

7 x 6 EG is perfect!

Routine : Manual-V-Inverted V-JAI-BTC stretches (alot of stretches :D ). Wet Jelq, Pumping (once a week to maintain my girth)

Ok man

I got the picture ;)

Less porn , more jelq

Well, you don’t have to believe in it if you don’t want to. If your stretching hard, your stretching wrong and you can do more worse than you do good. This isn’t overnight, it takes years. Hell, it doesn’t offend me and I doubt it really offends anyone here. We know it works, we have proof, and we all have carbon copies.

Do you know that my right foot is 1/2 smaller than my left foot because I have kicked a football so much for so long? My feet used to be the same size. Bad example, but if you don’t think your body can’t change from outside forces, you’re dead wrong.

Besides, we can’t all have big penises, because then we’d all be average. We need non-believers in PE to keep the average down and keep the rest of us large.


Is this the way you act to newbies?

I said I don’t want to be SCEPTICAL ..

It seems only logical to me to ask myself : would it work or not .

Hey Verthirz,

I’ve been doing the Newbie routine for about a week. And I have to say I was a bit dubious at the beginning, however, I’m thinking that my penis is feeling ‘different’ - better almost. I’m not sure it’s gained too much, but I have faith that it will! In my opinion, faith that it will happen is just as important as actually shutting yourself away and stretching and jelqing..

Good luck!! :-)

I was a newbie once, but I did all my research before I asked my questions. I looked at all the veterans and how much they gained. How could you be skeptical? Why would you be skeptical? You obviously didn’t do any research. Why would you start jelqing anyways, if you were skeptical? It could be bad, but we told you it was good, and you dove right in, without any afterthought? What If I told you that putting your dick in a book and slamming it shut would make your penis bigger because it spreads out? SLAM! Do some research man, and if you see the guys who gained 2 whole inches and more, and you still are skeptical, then you might have illusions of grandeur.

If you don’t want to be treated the way you think your being treated, then do some research man. Search for some answers before you ask them and look stupid. I’m actually helping you, if you didn’t notice, and your not helping yourself. I can’t seem to sum this up, but for god’s sake, do some research. I’m pretty sure I would be skeptic about thermal nuclear dynamics, but that JUST might be because I don’t know what the fuck that is.

Springer’s right.. This site has absolutely LOADS and LOADS of information and personal stories and basically everything you need!

One word - Explore!

Listen up springer ,

I did research , why would I end up at the biggest PE forum.

But the fact is , it’s based on personal experiences , no matter how many disciples a method has.
And personal experiences = subjective.
And I have some faith in it , I really have. It’s not that there are trustworthy alternatives left over.

Anyway I’m on day 3 now , we’ll see.

My tongue grew .50 inches since you posted this thread. Great idea and I thank you, my partner is very very happy since my penis and tongue are the only two things she likes about me.


Start Date Nov 05 2006: BPEL (5.50) NBPEL (5.0) E .Girth(4.75) F. Length(4.00) F. Girth(4.25)

Last Meas June 14 2007: BPEL (7) NBPEL (6) E .Girth(5.50) F. Length(4.125) F. Girth(4.50)

It took me about 2 weeks to figure out how to jelq effectively. Before that, I was in the same boat as Verthirz. But I had read the results of others here and since it’s impossible for someone to lie on a PE site, I kept at it. :noreally:

October 2006: BPEL - 7", EG - 6"

January 2007: BPEL - 7.25", EG - 6.25"

August 2007: BPEL - 7.5", EG - 6.25"

Just think of it as going to a gym. You won’t get a six pack just after 1 workout in the gym. You have to be patient and consistent if you want to see results. Good Luck ;) .

Hi, as some have already said, it is really unlikely that you can see any permanent gains after only one session. It’s a long trip.

I also was very skeptical when I found this site. I had already tried a few things, like pumping but not consistently. And, all those e-mails with ads about penis enlargement pills have made me even more skeptical.

Then I read and and read and decided to try some routine. Now, I’m a believer. I’ve got evidence. Or my ruler shrinks..

And I’m sure that if you stretch your tongue regularly enough, it will grow too. But I don’t know if you’ll like it.

05/2006 : 15cm BPEL X 12,5cm EG => 11/2006 : 17.5 cm BPEL X 13.5 cm EG => 5/2007 : 18 cm BPEL X 13.5 cm. 2 years later : shrank a bit : 17cm BPEL 01/2011

Really satisfied with my gains, but a little more flaccid would be nice. Would like to be a shower ;)

And most important : Girlfriend satisfied for about 3 years :)

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