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First session - not much happens


When I started martial arts I was 13 and could not even touch my toes and was nowhere close to doing splits. Three days a week we did stretches and within about 3 months I was able to put my palms on the floor. After three years I could do full splits to the floor. Ligaments and tendons take time to stretch. I just started but I’m very confident that if I’m careful and do the exercises regularly that I will see gains. Bodies just take time to adjust to the pressures. There are people that can put their bodies into a pretzel and they certainly didn’t learn to do that overnight.

I’m personally going to take it VERY slow as I like my penis in full working order without red dots or thrombosis veins. I’d rather have no growth than an injury so if it takes me three years to get a half inch so be it. Good luck!

Lol , ok.

There are also elastic people , but they got different genotypes.

And @ Spruce :

Originally Posted by spruce
My tongue grew .50 inches since you posted this thread. Great idea and I thank you, my partner is very very happy since my penis and tongue are the only two things she likes about me.

No thx , mate.


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