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First Report

First Report

Well, after about two weeks of following a 2 day on, 1 day off newbie primer (sans manual stretching) and slowly increasing in intensity, I have already noticed some gains. However, I have recently came across a small problem:

Since increasing my Kegels, My erections are rock solid and take forever to go flaccid. However, the problem is that I am ready to ejaculate almost instantly, which would make for an incredibly lame night.

So my question is: What can I do to improve my stamina within PE exercises?

I don’t know as that was never an issue for me. Congratulations on the quick gains!

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Try edging and see if that doesnt train your cock a little more so you can ejaculate when you want too.

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Six hours solid porn searching while getting off as much as you can- until you have mastered the beast.

Maybe you can try massage your PC muscles using your finger.
That is using your middle finger and push the part between your balls and anal whenever full erection.
It works for me whenever I got full erection and kegel didnt work.

If that method still don’t work, then try to masturbate before PE session.

Happy gaining :)


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