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First Real Month. This is what I've gained.

Thanks Reachin! Bro I’m really trying. Its great to have support on an adventure like this one. And I hope all the positive gains for you too.

So I measured again today just to check out if my measurements were consistent. Something strange I noticed. Well may be its not strange, but I have a slight upwards curve. So when I measure, depending on how straight I make my penis (not the curve) I get different measurements. The higher I let my penis go while measuring the shorter it becomes. And when I put my penis straight, it read that I had gained from 6 FL to about 6.25 FL. Unfortunately though I cannot remember how I first measured so I’m sticking with my new measurements, but I need help in figuring out the correct way to measure.

I have the same issue, not sure how I measured to begin with. And now I have to account for an upward and left-ward curve. You have to decide how you want to do it and be consistent from now on. I’ve decided to pull it completely straight when I measure for now and the future.

Yeah I’m definitely going to do the same Tweet13. I will be measuring again in one month. I will post my results.

I was wondering what is the most effective direction to do a Jelq. I have been doing it straight down but was wondering if straight out is just as effective. I tried it today and felt a nice stretch. Any information would be Great.

I’ve read that it’s a good idea to jelq in all directions.

Recently I’ve found that if I stand up and lean forward slightly and jelq downwards I get a much more intense and engorged jelq. I definitely was more sore than usual after 20 minutes of that. You might wanna try that.

I will try it tomorrow. I didn’t PE today but I clocked in four hours of ADS with the X4 Extender. I’ve been also researching the Auto Xleeve. Looks good. Definitely getting it this Christmas.

Good thread guys keep the updates coming this is what keeps us all motivated !

Yeah thats right Tweek13 Haha! I totally forgot about that. And encompass that is what we are here to do. Motivate each other to get to our goals. I was doing my stretches today and felt a pop and my penis kind of gave way a little. I think they call this Lig Popping. Those this signal growth at all? Or a bad sign?

Lig pops are nothing really, just a sign of a strong stretch. They’re certainly not a bad sign but I am nevertheless terrified of them :D

I was hoping it would mean Growth but oh well. I’m currently clocking in 4 hours of ADS with 150 jelqs. Feels good.

Yeah at first I could not even do two but now my penis is use to it I guess and I can clock in plenty of hours. By month three I will move it up to six. And probably after that start a little hanging.


Your routine is almost identical to mine except I BTC and sit on it an hour or two a day. I am going into my 12th week and growing like a weed.

5 days on 2 days off. My first day back on I do it lightly, “maybe” an hour in the x4 extender, an hour with the BTC stretch and 10 to 20 mins of lite jelqing. It’s working like a charm so no complaints here.

Start out was 5.875 BPEL with current 6.5
Girth 4.375 with current 4.6

And hot wrap like your life depended on it, I do it before, in between, after, sitting around the house. I don’t do a complete cool down, after a jelq or the extender I hot wrap it and when it’s nice and warm I then do a BTC to leave it cool down in the extended state.


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