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First post.

Electric Bananas

Hello everyone!

Behind the head of my penis there are a bunch of small bumps. Similar to the ones people have around their nipples, but smaller. I went to the doctor, and she said it was normal. She offered to show me photographs to prove this. I declined. My girlfriend noticed the bumps a few days ago, didn’t seem alarmed, but the issue has resurfaced. It looks like I’ve got genital warts, but they’ve been there since before I was sexually active. Does anyone else have this? Does anyone know where I can find more information on it? I wish I could have offered a better explanation when my girlfriend discovered it..

Every time I have an intense orgasm my stomach and chest get extremely blotchy. Any ideas on this? It’s my trademark, kind of cute.. But I’m wondering why it happens.

Now, on to PE.. My erection is 6x5 (length, girth). I’ve been masturbating in the shower, and jelqing some when I get out. Then a little stretching. Pretty casual. I don’t want to injure myself, and, though I wish it could, life cannot revolve around PE. What rate of growth should I expect as a newbie practicing PE exercises casually? My focus is girth. Length is definitely secondary. Will kegels enhance my erection? I’m thinking about incorporating them into my day. My erections don’t feel as solid as they ought to.. I want a rock hard erection!

Thanks for reading!

- Mr. Dingle Berry

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Hey lilwang,

Got any picks of those little bumps. Not exactly sure what they are. As far as the blotchyness, I had a friend that got that whenever he got anxious or nervous. Sort of like hives.

Everything you need to know to start with is in the Newbie Thread linked in my signature. Kegels will help with erection, in fact PE in general does. Don’t know what casual PE is, but don’t expect gains instantaneously. Some guys gain an inch in a month, some only 1/8 in two months. And some don’t gain at all (I think this is a rare category though). Just keep it slow at first and work into it.

Welcome to Thunder’s.


Are the bumps white??

If they are they’re PPP, harmless just look nasty, they can’t be passed on don’t worry, it’s a bitch showing them for the 1st time tho!

Yeah, that’s it dongdon. Damn — I never knew. Thanks!

I have those little white bumps as well, not really a big deal though if you want em removed they can freeze them off but it hurts like hell! ( I had this done but wouldnt recommend it) Good luck with your gains and keep at it!

What is PPP?


Have some also
But under the base of my monkey.

No big deal


Originally Posted by mgus
What is PPP?


Pearly Penile Papules

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