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Are These Sensible Goals

Are These Sensible Goals

Hi Guys.

My first post here, been lurking for a while and just started the newbie routine on the first of this month.

I am 7.25” BPEL and 5.35” EG now and am aiming for 8” BPEL and 6” EG for the end of the year.

Does this seem do-able? If not is there any other techniques you’d advise to help with it?


Welcome to the forum. Very enviable startIng stats too. I believe your length goal is probably realistic since most guys find it easier to gain length than girth. And remember that we all gain at different rates. Stick with the Newbie Routine and see where it takes you. Good luck.

:_pump: :donatecar

Both are extremely reasonable as long as you do your research and don’t over work yourself.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

Sure they are. Hell, I’m 5.2” NBPEL, 4.5” EG and I too am aiming for 8x6. :p

RE-Started (01.10.2012): 4.75'' NBPEL, 4.33'' EG (overall), 3'' NBPFL --- Now: 5.1'' NBPEL, 4.75'' EG (overall), 3.5'' NBPFL

Short-term goal: 5.5'' NBPEL, 4.5'' EG (overall), 3.5'' NBPFL --- Long term goal: 7.5'' NBPEL, 5.5'' EG (overall), 5'' NBPFL

Wish me luck! :)

Cheers guys,

Glad to know I’m not getting a little ahead of myself and will keep you posted on my progress :D

Who knows if all goes well I might go for 8.5” x 6.5”, especially if it turns out to be as addictive as everyone makes out ;)

I was able to do it in a few months of dedicated PE after a long time of newbie type stuff. If you’ve PE’d in the past, then you may move into some more advanced stuff.

I have recommended strongly to read the “Mem’s Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism” and I’ve posted my modification in that thread. In about 2.5 months I was able to go from 7-5/16 to 7-7/8 and am over 8 now in the new year. In Girth I went from 5.5” to about 5.9” Depending on strength of erection, I’m def pushing over the 8x6 goal that I had. Now I’m trying to get myself motivated for the next half inch or so. It’s tough with work and life the way it is right now so I am basically in a maintenance groove with some days of full sequences.

Anyway, your goals and timeline are more than reasonable in my humble opinion (yes, I spelled it out! Ha)

Good luck and stick to it. More than anything, dedication wins the day in PE.

Oh, and also listen to your dick.. The signs that are posted by several veterans here are SO key. Whenever I over-did it, I got little or no gains. When you find the sweet spot, Mr. Happy really is happy and will let you know to keep going.

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