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First post/ Question about flaccid length.

First post/ Question about flaccid length.

My flaccid length is less than half the size of my erect lenght. I just began Pe, and am wondering if that has any effect on what size I might gain. My erect is 5.75 Bone-pressed lenght. My flaccid size is less than 3 inches long. What is everyones usual gain when erect. Thanks alot, I think this forum is great!

Just to clear up, I was re-reading, and what I meant by what everyones gains while erect is compared to thier flaccid lenght!

Welcome to the forum Yep!
Unfortunately, you cannot estimate the amount of gains you will experience: Your flacid length may increase faster than your erect length, or at the same rate, or slower.

If you put the effort in, you will see gains in both flacid and erect!
Good luck!

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Although I am still new here, what I have learned is most here have gained in both erect and flaccid size. However, most report a larger increase in flaccid size than in erect size.

I.e., if you gain an inch in erect size, and go up to 6.75 inches, you can reasonably expect your flaccid to go up by even more than an inch.

I found that, even before my first increase in erect size, an increase in flaccid size was immediately apparent just a few weeks after I started PE - though I had not registered an increase in erect size by that point.

After two months I’m still not a “shower”, but I’m slowly getting there.

Welcome Yep!

I’ve always noticed my flaccid size increases faster than erect size. But with time and patience, you’ll achieve gains in both areas.

Re: First post/ Question about flaccid length.

Originally posted by Yep
What is everyones usual gain when erect. Thanks alot, I think this forum is great!


This can vary greatly. Some are showers, some are growers. I would consider a man that gains 40% or more when erect a “grower”.

I am a shower. I gain about 30% length when erect.

Welcome to the forum!


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Thanks alot for the welcome! I didnt phrase the question very clear but Japp answered my question. I guess I am a “grower”! I guess it doesnt matter too much, just so your erect size is decent. I have already noticed a gain in flaccid length, and Ive only done Pe for two days!

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