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First post : Kegels Questions

First post : Kegels Questions

Hey, so this is my 1st post. Never really got into PE, and I’m still a little skeptical. Maybe with time I will change my mind, but I’m more here right now for sexual enhancement. Thing I hope to accomplish :

1. Stronger/Fuller Erections
2. Longer Lasting Sex
3. Longer Lasting Erections

I just started doing kegels the past 2 days and have a few questions surrounding them.

1. Can you over train your PC muscle? I’ve been doing about 10 sets a day of 5x20 second holds and 10 sets a day of 15 pumps every second 5x. So far it’s felt weird (almost like my knees are weakening), but I did notice a stronger erection last night during sex.

2. Are there any precautions I should take to kegels as far as injury is concerned?

3. Can you work the PC muscle too hard before a sexual interaction in which it actually weakens sex?

4. Lastly, what is the best way to use the PC muscle to prolong sex?

I don’t expect anyone to answer all these questions.. But if you guys could give me a resource that would be cool.


1. Yes
2. Nope
3. Yes

Those are the results I got from doing basic kegels, I only do 4X50reps, I’m not gona do any special kegels untill the basic stops working for me & I’ve dun 300 a day for at least 2 weeks. I love it, it’s given me more sexual drive & my boners at night are sometimes so solid I wake up. :D

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