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First Post/Gains report

First Post/Gains report

Well I have been Jelqing using manual and the Power Jelq device about 6-7 weeks now and have been pleasantly surprised. I have gained 1/2” girth and 1/4” length. I started with 5.75 enbpl and 4.5 egl. I am now at 6.0” enbpl and 5.0” girth. My goals initially were 7.5X6” but I have brought that down to 7X6. ebp is 6.5 as I have a pretty sizable fat pad and if I could get that to 7.5 I would be ecstatic.

I have a couple of questions.

Will frequent intercourse with my girlfriend hinder my growth? I met a new girl that is a freak and we can’t keep our hands or genitals off of each other and I think this is important to keep the budding relationship headed in the right direction. OTOH I want to grow as fast as possible so that I need only to maintain my size once I get there.

Is 8x6.5 attainable? I know it varies from person to person but of course I would go to 10X8 if I could.

I am considering adding pumping to my routine but am a little scared about what I heard people getting their balls sucked into the tube. Any advice there?



How much is frequent intercourse?? Some people say that ejaculation hinders growth if you do this right after your pe workout. I always stick to 7 hours between or after peworkout.

So i have sex and then 7 hours later i do my pe workout but no one is the same so find out what works best for you and most of all listen to your dick!!

Given the choice of a piece of ass or a pe workout - go for the ass.

These kinds of hot relationships burn out in a few months or weeks. ride the wave while its there. You’ll have plenty of time to get more serious with pe when one of you decides to flake.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I AGREE 100%

Unless she is a true Nypho, it won’t last forever, neither will the newness of the relationship. Enjoy it while it lasts.

PE is a long term commitment, so stop and smell the roses when they are in bloom.


Cool, thanks for the replies. I appreciate it. I think I will take your advice and go for it when I can with this chick. But also will not do pe until at least 7 hours after. It will definitely slow down (the sex) it always does.

Sorry about asking about pumping, I found plenty of info on this site when I looked around.

Thanks again.


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