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First post for me.

First post for me.

Hello thunder’s place. I am not new to penile enlargement as I have searched this forum and and a multitude of other sources for a long time now. I turned 20 years old only a few months ago and have always been obsessed with increasing my penis size for two reasons. One, it’s just my personal belief that I want to be a man, a stallion for my lady and to do that I would really like a larger penis to please her. I know size isn’t everything and you defiantly have to know how to please her whether you have a big penis or not, but after reading some posts here I find that I really want to gain in penis size because it seems to have a positive effect on sex unless you go too far with increasing it lol. Thats my whole goal, I don’t care about showing off to people in some orgy, I to show off and I want it big to please the special lady and to basically make her fantasy come true of what a sex should be like. Two, having a larger penis is something that I just have to prove to myself. Why can’t a guy who puts the time in at the gym and get a great body also put the time in to get a good result from penile enlargement. I’m no slouch and I work very hard at what I do so I’m taking this very seriously.

My stats were average 6.5” Bp and for girth around 5-5.2” this measurement taken before I started penile enlargement. I have never been upset with this size but my goal is 8.5” and a nice girth, which seems from the experience of this forum to be just as important if not more important than length, around 6-6.5”. I originally wanted some monstrous 9x7” penis which I think is just too big, but this was before I really started learning and researching about penis sizes and just how far I should go with my original stats. So I started off foolishly going to hard and too fast. 5 days on 2 days off. I was doing about 15-20 minutes of stretching doing basic stretches and jelqing for 600-700 times during my workout times. I did this after going very slow for a month with a beginners routine and thought I was ready to kick it up to 600-700 wet jelqs. I never thought I was hurting my penis but than one day my erections were not happening so fast and my erections were not lasting long at all.only for a few minutes. This really saddened me because I had gained a 0.5” and a little in girth and it felt bigger and looked nicer than before. I was ecstatic and did not really listen to my body and went too hard. That scared the living daylights out of me that I would not be able to get an erection anymore. So I took about 2-3 weeks off and my erections have come back although I’m never too sure if I did any permanent damage. I have erections again but I don’t know if they are as hard as before. I’m pretty sure they are and that all I needed was to slow down the workout routine and take a nice break which seems to have solved my problem.

Now with one month of serious PE under my belt and 2-3 weeks off I feel fine again but am worried about hurting myself. My goal is mentioned above and I don’t care if it takes me a long time since I already know it takes years to get the gains your looking for, but I’m worried about losing erection quality and hurting myself again. I really want this to work right. So I was going to follow the newbie routine and halve the jelqing to 300 medium strength jelqs to hard jelqs for 2-3 seconds each. I do lots of kegels everyday whether I PE or not so thats always going on. Should I add anything else to my routine to increase erection strength? I’m not taking pills or supplements because I just don’t want to. Do you think that my PE routine will be fine? I just want to make it bigger and healthier not hurt the darn thing. Again my erection level seems to be the same as before. But I don’t want it to go back down.

You are a wise man to start with the newbie routine, stick to it for 3 months and use those months to read around here.

The most loved and hated word around here is “Time”. PE requires a lot of Time. But, in the end, Time is the deciding factor between those who gain and those who do not.

Welcome to Thunder’s Place, BigforHer. Settle in with your new addiction.

"Debate the idea..."

Am I the only one in here that actually go a little bit under the newbie standards.. I DON’t wanna take a risk on my best friend

Just make sure thereĀ“s room for it!

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