First post, first results

Hello all,

I’ve been here for about a year lurking.. Curious. Several months ago I registered and decided to try Babbis’ routine. I wasn’t dedicated and gave up after a few workouts and just told myself, it’s for another time. Well, about two weeks ago I decided to rededicate myself and give it another try. I’m happy to report a 1/4” gain in BPEL. In the past I was under the belief that the newbie gains were mostly erection quality, but I have to say that has been the same, right around an 8.

In case anyone is interested here’s what my routine is:

10 minutes, maybe a little longer, WARMUP with a rice sock.
10-15 minutes of STRETCHING in all directions. I hold for 30 seconds on first set, move up to 1 minutes second set, and on the third set I try to hold as long as possible (got 3 minutes on a set once).
10-15 minutes of WET JELQS, each set at a varying erection level, from 30% - 90%.
COOL DOWN is constant heat for several hours.

I made a homemade pouch as a dickwarmer. Lol I used extra long pair of tube socks and cut three slits from the open end to about six inches from the toe. The top two strips wrap around the waist, the thicker third strip runs up my crack. With the other sock I ended up cut off the elastic part and using that to hold a pocket warmer in place by stitching it to the end of the first sock.. Wish I could post a pic, but no camera. Anyway, I wear this with the pocket wramer for constant heat, even slept with it.