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First Post - First experience with New Gains

First Post - First experience with New Gains

Hey guys, this is my first post so far, and as uve probably guessed I’m one of the guys who lurks around the forums for months, gets good gains, and then brags about how much they’ve accomplished. Well, one thing is for sure, I did get good gains. I gained about .75inch in EL and .5 in EG, and my wang feels 10 times more powerful. I look at myself now, and can remember what I looked like before, and the difference astounds me.

Anyway, that being said, I’ll tell you the reason why I started PE in the first place. Basically, I had this girlfriend who I lost my virginity to, and was very attached to. We were going out for about 6 months and then she went off to college, but we decided to stay together. So I figured, while she’s away and I can’t try to nail anyone else, why not try to make my dick bigger so when she comes back she’ll be extremely impressed. She had mentioned before that I was one of the larger guys shed been with, and sex was great but What the hell, why not? So I searched google for about 2 minutes and came across thunders (btw you guys are recommended everywhere). I started doin’ jelqs and stuff and came up with a routine, and after 5 months I had very good gains. Anyway, turns out that we broke up towards the end of my PE, after I had managed to gain a bunch, and I realized “holy shit, all this work was for nothing.”

Well, I wasn’t going to stand for that. I talked to her, and convinced her that we both really wanted to see each other when she got home. She came home and sex.was.amazing. Maybe it was the 5 months with no sex whatsoever, or maybe it was the fact that I had a huge boost of confidence because of my bigger dick, but I nailed the hell outta her and she loved it. However, she didn’t say a thing about my size. She grabbed it, played with it, sucked it, and rode it but somehow managed to miss the fact that it was bigger?

Ok so heres my question: Is this possible? I mean, she’s always been very complimentary of my size before, and would definitely have mentioned it if she noticed.. Keep in mind that after we broke up she nailed 3 other guys, 2 of which she went out with and broke up with one the day before she was coming home. My start stats were 6x4.75 and now I’m 6.75x5.25.

Well.. You arent a big guy I can tell you that much, and also maybe she just can’t remember what it used to look like, hell she probly fantacized it four months without sex, and in her fantasies it was probly larger. Thats my bet.. By the way, you arent very big at all. I’m at 6-6 1/2 and I’m very unhappy.


Welcome to the forum.

Is it possible she didn’t notice? Sure. Even if she thought it was bigger is she going to admit to it? Probably not. After all men can’t increase the size of their penis, right?

You got all the feedback you need, it seems, bar a “My God it’s got bigger”.

Despite what WalkerZero says you are now way about average both in length and girth terms. In all likelihood the people she’s been doing are smaller, if that makes you feel better.

Confidence is an important thing though, it will also have made a difference.

My bad, didn’t mean to trash on you, I guess the chicks I know just like it bigger.

They must spend a lot of their time disappointed. Either that or they can’t estimate size.

No, their just extremely hot therefore used to the best of the best. And I’m not extremely hot or extremely cool, meaning I need to be extreme somewhere to make up haha.

If she didn’t constantly have sex with you, then I can see why she didn’t notice. Unless it’s a very big gain in length and girth, I can see why she didn’t notice the gain.

Don’t get me wrong…it’s a good gain…I hadn’t even gained that much over the past 8 weeks of PE…but it isn’t anything earth shattering.

Good Gains! 6 1/2 x 5+ is great ( I am 7 NBP and 5.5 Girth , I am close to you), there is nothing wrong with that. The fact that you have more confidence and you fucked her like a stallion is probably the biggest improvement you could have made. The women I have been with love the fact that I screw them like a champ, even though im not 9 inches they seem to prefer the dick I offer. The new Attitude and confidence just added you an inch in both directions. :D

Thanks for the reply’s guys. The main thing is that I have a huge boost in confidence and thats really all that matters. I felt a lot bigger, and I felt that my dick was bigger when I was doing her, and she loved it. But whats the point of PE if she’s not gonna notice? But then again, who cares if she doesn’t notice it, if I feel a lot more confident and am a lot better in the sack? Though questions, but hey, theres a new goal for me.. Get big enough for her to notice! Haha, right now I’m shooting for 7BPEL, wish me luck, and thanks again for the reply’s, it really opened up a new angle for me.

Welcome to Thundersplace. :gulp:

Originally Posted by Cflex12
But whats the point of PE if she’s not gonna notice?

Each of us has to figure out our own reasons for doing PE and it’s great that you answered your own question; as you stated…

Originally Posted by Cflex12
The main thing is that I have a huge boost in confidence and thats really all that matters. I feel a lot more confident and am a lot better in the sack

Good luck and good gains! :up:

PE for length: so her heart stops when she sees it. PE for girth: to get her heart started again!

One need only leave the surface of the planet to realize we are all one people.

BTW Walker did you have a bad experience with one of these girls who like big dicks? Why “very unhappy” with an exactly average sized dick? I was happy with where I started, and I’m happy with where I am now, and I’ll be happy no matter where I end up (unless it’s the injury forum haha jk).

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