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First post, extreme newb.

First post, extreme newb.

Hi everyone, nice to join the forums.

Alright, well I just recently started the Newbie Routine.

I’m horrible with the acronyms and what they mean, so if someone could explain I would appreciate it. If I missed the section, I apologize.

Erect I’m just about 5.75-6 and around 4.5 - 4.75 in girth. What can I expect to see within the next couple months?

If you read through the newbie instructions you will find a detailed list of all the acronyms:


"Res Firma Nitescere Nescit"

The link to a better explanation of BPEL is dead. Could someone explain?

Bone Pressed Erect Length. What this means is that with a ruler you push into the body until you hit bone and then measure your length while erect.

Penis Enlargement Glossary

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Thanks sunshinekid for that link!

"Res Firma Nitescere Nescit"

Originally Posted by Serge67
What can I expect to see within the next couple months?

First of welcome to the forums! What you should expect is a healthier penis, stronger erections, and everything extra is a plus. But if you want me to be more specific, I would say that because of your starting points you are a good candidate for gains. But remember that patience and determination is key for success. Don’t expect to be gaining inches in weeks, rather stick with it and make a journal of your progress.

Have some realistic goals in mind and simply stick with it, make every .25 of an inch into a celebration, and just read, read, and read, there is always more to know.

Good luck!

Thanks everyone, you’ve all been very welcoming and helpful.

I look forward to posting my progress on these boards.

Welcome. You have about the same starting stats as me. Very identical.

As stated earlier, don’t look for to much to soon. But it is good to set a goal.

Maybe a good one could be a 1/4 inch the first month.

Take it easy, especially the first week. Err on the side of caution. Better to do less than more the first week.

Agreed bggrsbttr

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