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First post, been here a while.

First post, been here a while.

This is my first post but I’ve been here a while.

My question is should I be doing the newbie routine when previously I’ve gained from a more intensive workout?

Right well I have known about thunders for a year or so and the first bit of jelqing I did was equally probably about a year about. I did the ‘newbie routine versus mine’.

newbie routine versus mine…

I did this for about 3 weeks and gained easily 3/4 inch length and about 3/10 girth then I stopped. I did it about half a year later and gained a cm length and maybe 0.1 girth but I think lost that because I only did it for about a week.

As of now I’ve been doing the normal newbie routine (30sec stretches,10min jelq) recommended on this website for a month. Sometimes it’s one rest day, never more than 3 with intermittent smoking on the rest days (never on the jelq days). Although I have temporarily stopped now I suppose I’m feeling a bit demoralized because I haven’t had any gains/got some other stuff on I need to be doing as well. My stats are 6.95 BPEL, 4.35 EG.

So yeah, no gains after a month of diligent newbie routine except a much improved erection, maybe slight girth increase, (it used to be I’d get 4.35EG with a 70 percent erection now it’s 4.35 with a 95 percent one). I don’t mean to be churlish and just expect gains because I’m doing it, I understand that If I want idealistic size then I’m going to have to work at it, it’s just that logic dictates the more you gain the more effort you have to subsequently put in and seeing as the gains come when I stepped it up to 45sec stretches and 12 mins jelq, is it really the right thing to do to continue on with the newbie routine?

Thanks a lot.

YThe newbie routine is designed to intoduce guys to PE. and once they have acclimatised their penis to being tugged etc. they are ready to go on to more advanced exercises.

If you have been doing a more advance routine then it is a somewhat retrogade step , and the likelihodd is that you will not make gains if you have stopped making gains with the advanced routine you have.

So it would seem logical to move on to a more advanced routine such as hanging ,pumping.
or other advanced routine.

I can only suggest pumping as I have no experience with hanging.

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If you have been doing PE for a month + then you don’t need to be doing the newbie routine.

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Thanks Petite Faun,
Ill have to do some research into pumping and hanging, hanging appeals to me as I’ve read it’s better to get length before girth. To be honest I’m not sure If I’ve really got all I can from jelqing yet-I feel I’m only now really starting to understand ‘jelq’ specifically. I just read the performance index post and it seem I’ve got mostly positive/neutral P.I.s with the exception of one negative. Which would suggest maybe I should try and get all I can from jelqing my initial post what I had in mind was whether I should be doing a more extensive jelq routine but I guess I can figure that out myself.

One thing though, If you guys are still around, is the negative P.I. I get from stretching. When I stretch I get a red line that extends all the way from the base of my penis where the turkey neck/ball sack kind of join on all the way up to the glans. It’s starts exactly where from the V where I’ve got a slight turkey neck. It’s quite painful during stretching but without stretching to painful level I don’t feel I’m getting a proper stretch, for note when I stretch I hold the skin at the base of my penis to try and limit turkey neck. Occasionally I get a slight soreness when I pee-could be due to that, could be I didn’t’t drink enough water on that day.

What do you think this could be?
Am I damaging my urethra or nerves down there? Is this what stretching the tendon actually feels like (does not’t feel like a stretch unless I do it to that point)? Or is it because I’m holding the base? Don’t really want o get a turkey neck either but if this practice is genuinely damaging then well not worth it really. The redness stays for some considerable time after wards.

Thanks a lot guys

Thanks for the reply as well caboose,
Good point, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to incorporate some more advanced techniques such as o-bends which gave me favourable results 6 months or so ago. Gunna do it by the book this time.

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