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First Post and First Injury

First Post and First Injury

I have to start off by saying I am one of those lurkers that don’t post often on forums let alone one that is dedicated to lengthening the penis, but I guess I should start. I have tried to keep up with a decent routine though I am not having the best of luck, being married and keeping it a secret is a difficult task. Which has probably reduced gains, and probably confused my penis to no end.

On a positive note I have had some gains, I think. I did not really take a true starting measurement, or at least not one that I took seriously. From the month of October 07’ I was BPEL 6.5” EG 4.5” now or as of today I am very close to or at 7” probably more like 6.7-9 but hey 7 is a nice round number and is all I really want in length, girth is what I am after and what has eluded me to this day (any advise would be appreciated by the way)

On to a more serious note I have suffered an injury and need to know a little more about it. What happens is the red dots only like x10 in one or two specific areas there is a little bit of stinging but nothing major as far as pain it seems to almost disappear in 2-3 days but when I start to jelq again it comes back in full force there is quite a bit of discoloration . Has anyone experienced this? And how long would healing time be, and or is it permanent?

I also pulled something during some stretching exercises I thought I was using the correct amount of force but I guess not because I felt something “pop” on a downward stretch it’s been 3 days since that incident and everything seems to be working fine now but fear is an enemy now.

So anyways words of wisdom would be nice, I am definitely going to tone it down a notch or two.

Thanks for having me here hope the ride gets better from here on out :)

On red spots: Jelq and Jelqing

What kind of discoloration are you experiencing? The red spots, or more than that?

The “pop” sounds like lig pops. A survey in one of the threads here had about half of the respondents reporting them. A search on lig pops will give you a lot of threads to follow.

Are you doing something approximating the Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine If you’re jelqing, that’s a good start toward more girth (and possible more length, even if you are not seeking that). Exercises tend not to be 100% specific for girth, or for length; they will typically give you varying percentages of each, and the percentages vary from individual to individual.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I appreciate the very quick response and those links helped out perfectly I do believe this is what is going on..

“Larger red or purple spots indicate a more substantial breach in capillary or vein walls. Taking a couple of days off from jelqing is a good idea.

Black pin prick spots located on the shaft are an indicator of insufficient lubrication. They should heal quickly.

Bruise like discoloration located toward the end of the shaft and often more noticeable on the bottom is common among jelqers. These are caused by blood being pushed through the membranes under pressure and having no route to return. Warming up thoroughly and not increasing intensity too quickly can help to minimize these.

This type of discoloration can occur in a single session from the weakening of vein walls. It will often be circular in shape and 1/8” or more in diameter. Sometimes the point of weakening can be felt as a small hard lump (coagulated blood). In this situation continued jelqing can aggravate the problem dramatically. A break of a least 3 days is essential.”

I think I will take a long break from PE and start focusing on overall health of the body. Me and my wife are going to stop smoking Monday and I’m sure this will help in the healing process hell it might have been whats been causing the long heal time.

There is a lot of info on this site thanks for showing me around.

Glad to help. Good luck with stopping smoking. Being healthier overall is good for PE, I think, and nicotine is a vasoconstrictor.

If you’re going to take a long break from PE, use the time constructively; do some more reading here.

And in terms of your quitting smoking, there are those who say that to break one habit, you need to replace it with another. PE could be that habit (although not generally as much a group/shared social activity as smoking).

Just a thought…

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.


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