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First PE experience tonight - help

First PE experience tonight - help

The title says it all - I tried the newbie routine for the first time, and it went like this;

Warm up - done during warm bath

Stretch - 5mins, various directions, esp. Downward, using talc for grip. Noticed most pressure just behind glans where grip was held, rather than base - a problem do you think?

Jelq - disastrous! Couldn’t seem to get decent erection to jelq, and for the brief moments I did, it was rubbish! The first lubricated stroke seemed to pull most of my foreskin with it from the base up to the glans, making it difficult to start the next stroke. Once I let go with the first hand, the skin returned to it’s starting position (I’m uncircumcised by the way)then another stroke could begin, but of course once I let go, the blood will have drained somewhat, and my erection will have subsided.

Any suggestions? Since I dragged my skin with me, perhaps I wasn’t lubed enough?
What happens if I can’t maintain erection level, as this will make jelq largely redundant?!
AM I destined to only be able to stretch (or clamp later?) ?

The biggest irony with jelqing for me is that it’s harder because I don’t have enough length (5.5 NBPEL) and this is exactly what is meant to be helping with size ! Please help as my first PE experience has been somewhat of a negative one.
I appreciate it’s a learning curve, but if I can’t get jelqing right, what hope of progress do I have?

Actually, jelqing at lower erections will help you with more length. You might be holding behind the glans too hard, I’ve noticed you can put a death grip or you can apply medium pressure, like if you were about to catch a football, or if you were holding onto a screwdriver, is enough pressure for me. I am circumcised, and I grab about 1/2” below the glans and it works well for me.

I don’t want to suggest anything for jelqing, since your uncircumcised and I don’t want to give wrong information.

You said you have 5.5” NBPEL, that’s longer than mine.

I’m uncircumcised, I do dry jelq most, sometime wet, without problem. I see that your problem is the erection level, try do it in the morning, take the advantage of morning wood, or masturbate till you get very hard, and wait for a few moments, grip at base with one hand (just keep it there), and do the jelq with another hand, it will keep a good erection level for quite a while.

You can do one hand wet jelqs. just use your other hand to hold back the skin at the base with your index and middle finger and use your other hand to wet jelq. After one stroke slide back your hand and jelq again. Apply medium pressure.

Starting Stats : BPEL, 5", EG, 4"

Goals : BPEL, 6", EG 5"

You should be jelqing with a 40% erection. As for the skin problem I solved it by wrapping my balls while jelqing. I took a cloth band like you use when you sprain an ankle and wrap around my balls and sit on the end of the cloth so it doesn’t unravel. And you have a bigger NBPEL then me and I managed to jelq fine, so you should to. If all goes to hell check out the video section for help.

And remember to warm wrap after your session as well.

That’s great stuff guys cheers - ill try again tonight!

Guys - can I just confirm that a 1 handed jelq would involve;
1 hand around base, holding all skin back (fully exposing the glans as I’m uncircumsized), and tight enough to clamp so that your erection level doesnt subside.

Other hand milks slowly (3 secs)from touching clamped hand toward glans, terminating 1/2 inch before glans, then is totally released from shaft and returned to contact with clamped hand to milk back up again.


Yeah that is exactly right. But your clamped hand should just be holding the skin back no pressure involved on squeezing the base.

Starting Stats : BPEL, 5", EG, 4"

Goals : BPEL, 6", EG 5"

Originally Posted by dxshern

Yeah that is exactly right. But your clamped hand should just be holding the skin back no pressure involved on squeezing the base.

How does the blood stay in the penis if you don’t clamp, or at least apply some pressure at the base?

From what I gather checking other threads on dry jelq, the same piece of skin actually moves with the stroke time, rather than staying still during wet jelq - correct?

Also, I assume some people like dry jelq since it can be done discreetly - but how would one warm up discretely? Or do you just go ahead without the stretch/warm up when dry jelqing?

You see, if you are uncut and you use lube to wet jelq, your skin will still come up with the stroke. What we want to do is to push blood into the penis, not stretch the skin. Therefore I say that the foreskin must be held back with one hand always so as you jelq with the other hand, the skin does not follow up.

However Dry Jelqs is different. When we start jelqing at the base we make sure that the foreskin in pulled all the way down. Then after a stroke the skin would be just covering the glans. Next we slide our foreskin down again as we place back our hand at the base. This is done simultaneously as we move back to the base, we slide our hand against the shaft of the penis so that the foreskin is pulled down as well.

If you ask me about discreet warming up, i suggest a hot rice sock in your pants. If you use a hot warp, you will only wet your pants….

You could also place a towel in a microwave oven for a few minutes..

Starting Stats : BPEL, 5", EG, 4"

Goals : BPEL, 6", EG 5"

I started tonight!
5 mins rice filled sock wrap
5 mins stretch, with emphasis on downward stretch
100 dry jelqs
5 mins wrap
About 25 kegels
So it wasn’t a full session, but tomorrow will be better

Things to do:
Concentrate on making 200 jelqs, slowly
Stretch with skin fully retracted
Kegels: it feels like I’m flexing my anus more , unless this is normal?
Concentrate on harder (at least 50%) erection - I noticed it can subside somewhat if you get carried away, and the stroke speed can quicken if not careful
SHort term: 6” NBPL
5” EG
5.5” EG
I’ll update tomorrow night.

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