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First month gains

First month gains

Hey guys, I’m new here - I guess it would be beneficial if I posted my first month report here just to see if you guys can give me a few pointers on what I could improve in my routine.. So here is my stats as follows

Supplements used: 100mg or 200g standardised ginkgo+ginseng, vitamin 1/2 c+zinc dissolvable tablets, b-active 1/4 tablet. Some one-a-day men’s supplement thing that has l-arginine, tyrenol and other tissue helping things.

EL: 6 on the spot
EG: 5 on the spot
FL: 4
FSL: 6 1/3

Now (4 weeks in)
EL: 6 2/16 or 3/16 not sure
EG: overall still 5, base 5”2/16 but not sure if it was like that before PE began
FL: 5 inches wow! Not even fluffed
FSL: 6 1/2 .. Can reach 7 inches bone pressed but I consider that cheating

3 on 1 off..

1st week and 2nd week
Hot shower
200-300 jelqs
Stretching for 6 more minutes, mostly concentrated on tunica
50 quick kegels 10x5 seconds
Scrotum massage

3rd and 4th week

Hot shower
300-400 jelqs, pulling to right every 7 pulls as I have a slight left curvature which is slowly being recorrected as I typed.
Stretching for 9 minutes, mostly concentrated on tunica
100 quick kegels and 10x5 second kegels and 5x10 kegels
Scrotum massage


So 2/16 inches can’t be that bad eh? My penis when limp feels rather soft and meaty this is probably good, it has a plump full feel to it. I have had masturbation sessions lasting 30-40 minutes, erections definately improved. I only have one concern

It’s harder to get erections naturally without visual stimuli, it’s probably because tissue is being repaired after being damaged by jelqing (normal I think) but porn it’s not a problem. Well thats my experience, will report next month :-) and I was wondering how I would measure with regards to erect length, if I manually straighten my penis dead centre pushing away from the curve which can be discomforting it can be 6 1/2 inches without boned press. Does that count?

Good gains, Jungalist.

With respect to your erection question, you should try taking four days off from PE completely. If, after those days, you are still finding that erections are slower, then maybe you’re damaging the nerves through your jelqing technique. Otherwise, it’s probably just what you’re saying — temporary penile exhaustion from all the exercise.

Regarding measuring, yes, many guys with curves straighten their penises when measuring. Just make sure you’re measuring exactly the same way every time, so that you can accurately gauge progress. Also, don’t bend your dick straight if it hurts.

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I’ve experienced a similar sort of thing to you, my erections are harder to obtain without visual stimuli. My routine is very similar to yours in that I stretch after I jelq. I’ve come to think that maybe I should perform a short jelqing session after my stretching to regain bloodflow as this may be what is hindering my erections. I am going to start that altered routine tomorrow which will be 25th April 2005. I will have had 2 days completely off from PE, so I will see how easy it is to obtain an erection. I will measure and then take note of how easy it is to obtain erections thereafter.

I’m curious to know what you think of this and what you are going to do?

Also, what kind of stretching do you do? Do you apply any pressure to the top of your penis while stretching as in V-stretches?

Hey, it’s encouraging to know I have 3 replies overnight - my stretchings are usually 15 seconds.. About 5 stretches upwards, 5 stretches horizontal, 5 stretches horizontally upwards.. Then I repeat but this time leaning slightly right, I end up with 4 downward reverse ddl kegel 5 second stretches. And just a little to the left. I always use vaseline. I’m not sure what a V stretch is. I know I that I grasp with thumb overlapping the knuckle of the index finger. I suppose a standard stretch.

I think my erections are fine come to think of it.. My problem was that whilst jelqing it occasionally got softer (a little under 50%) and I had to stroke myself every 80-100 jelqs to just get a little more for about 10 seconds to stay at the 60-70% jelq. My curvature isn’t severe infact I believe it’s probably good for touching areas of the vagina. If I did straighten out like other guys then wow I’m seeing really good gains. My left curvature is almost gone and only surfaces when my penis is cold.

I might just report every 2 weeks, I showed my dong on webcam to my friend flaccid and she went ‘wow you seem to be hanging alot’. Lets just say this girl has seen over 100 cocks in her lifetime as she is a pornstar, I have told her about pe’ing. Her ex boyfriend who is also my friend is blessed with a 9 inch cock (no there is no exageration there, he’s done nothing to his cock, lucky him! She measured correctly it when he was sleeping hehe) And was probably the reason I went to do PE as I felt a little jealous. Ok a alot jealous! :-)

I only started supplementing half way in and it’s done alot of good I think, the changes I will make for 2 weeks now would be dividing stretching time before jelq and after and see what will happen. I believe my LOT is 7:30 after reading a thread.

Well Ste, let me know what you experience in weeks time, it would be interesting to see results.. Also, can you give your stats and your gains too?

Welcome to the boards Jungalist. Where in the UK are you man?

Nice job.

Most guys make the biggest gains when they first start PE.

Keep going!


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

Thanks, south east London

Hey Jungalist,

Started at 6.5 BPEL a few months ago and I’m now at a fraction over 7 BPEL. My girth is slightly over 6 midshaft, perhaps 6.1.

Yeah I’ll keep you updated on my gains (hopefully there will be some).

Good luck to you mate.

Cool, good luck to you too.. I’m gonna get that 8 inches, my target at the moment is that get an inch in 5 months.

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