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First month: 14 x 38


First month: 14 x 38

It’s been a month since I discovered Thunder’s, and I promised myself I’d wait that long before I concluded or posted anything about what’s happened with me. (Actually, that’s a lie.there’s one post about burning the inside of my dick.)

First, the gains: a definite 3/8” girth gain (5 —> 5 3/8). That’s an easy number for me to measure, not much uncertainty. BPEL started at what I thought was 6”, and over the course of a month I thought I saw it increase to 6 3/4” (I.e. 3/4” gain). But I’d apparently been fooling myself: some of that gain came from pressing the ruler farther down on my pubic bone, and maybe from holding it at a slightly different angle (my erection points at 10:00) or sighting along a slightly different direction, or from slight increases in erection strength. So now even my starting measurement is in doubt, and I’m acutely aware of how hard it is (!) to for me to measure BPEL consistently.. So I’ll be conservative and claim 1/4” gain, which I’m sure of. (This measurement good is acutely embarrassing, since I’m a scientist and even posted about measurement uncertainties).

This seems like pretty good numbers—even if it’s just “newbie gains”—but it might stem from a couple things which make me weird and different (besides being interested in PE, I mean!). First, I’ve got a 1.5” steel rod through the head of my cock (“apadravya piercing”), so lots of PE exercises, like reverse jelqs and hangs, are impossible. Second, I’ve gotten addicted to a very extreme form of edging (I coined the term “hourgasm” a few years ago; google it), basically continuous orgasms w/o ejaculation. I’d swear a new, even-more-intense refinement has helped me put on another 10 pounds of muscle in the last few months (I’m pretty buff, about 188 at 5’9” and maybe 8-9% bodyfat). Oh yeah, and I only ejaculate once every few weeks, even though I hyper-edge for at least half and hour a day.. I’ve discovered really like being as turned-on as possible.

I’ve been a gymnast and done yoga and intense stretching—I can do the straddle splits without much warmup, something I only learned at age 40—so I have a good sense of how hard I can push my body safely. So yeah, I’m weird all over.

Here’s what I credit my gains to: hot stretching and squeezes. The hot stretching is just tugging my dick over a space heater (I understand that ligaments stretch better and keep their stretch if warmed above body temperature.. The best reports used ultrasonic heating, which I don’t have.. Suggestions, anyone?) The squeezes are like horse440’s, but since I can’t actually move my hand over the dick-head (remember that steel rod?), I do this: with a near-full erection, just make one “OK-tourniquet” at the base, another right below the glans, and squeeze them both to the point of mild discomfort and “stretch” feeling for 20-30 seconds. Restore the erection (it’s actually easier now!), and repeat. After 10-20 minutes of this, it often leaves some burst blood vessels at the surface, so I may take a day or two off until they’re gone. But it’s given me a definite girth gain in the first couple weeks, so I know it works.

And I know, as a newbie, I’m not supposed to be doing those squeezes for another couple months. But it’s my body, I know it’s limits pretty well, and it seems to be working for me. (But no WAY am I recommending anyone else do this; I’ll leave recommendations to the experts).

On the other hand, there’s a good chance that my hyper-edging (and refusal to ejaculate) is helping the gains: boosted testosteroone, growth hormone, something like that. All I know is it feels good and gives me more energy (and muscle) than I thought possible. So I can explain it more if you want.

Thanks for running a great source of info!

Hey those are great results. How often do PE during a week. I’m interested in how you rest (take any days off, etc.) and when your PEing how long is your session (pulls vs. Squeezes).


I seem to average about 4 PE sessions a week, variable. If I’ve got discoloration, I’ll take a day off; if my piercing hurts, I won’t do pulls; if my kids are busy or I’m at a friend’s, I’ll skip it, or if it just doesn’t feel right.. Basically, I listen to my body and decide if messing with my cock will make it feel better or worse.

The edging, on the other hand, I’ll often do even if I’m not in the mood at first: like meditation, regularity helps, as does the discipline of just doing it no matter what. And a lot of times even a totally flat, dull, un-turned-on start will become a super-intense orgasmic trip after ten minutes. Yum.

Piercing through the glans? Eeek! On the other hand, maybe you could strap some weights to a stud and invent a new form of hanging!

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Yeah.. No wraps required!

Funny.. That’s how I came across PE. I had made an elastic band to tug my head upwards against my belly as I walked around the house, and thought it might actually lengthen my cock.. But realized that the little bit of tissue around the metal was likely to stretch far more (being under more concentrated strain) than the whole shaft would; I.e., the piercing would “migrate” long before my cock got longer.

But out of curiosity I hit the Internet to look up “penis stretching” (or some such thing), and found myself reading about DLD, CheekyCherry, and finally Thunder’s. Learned a lot in a couple days.. Now just to put in into practice.

But I’ll vouch for the “cool” factor of the piercing. A lot of women are fascinated, and several have told me that it feels inexplicably good as it runs across the G-spot.

btw there is a name for orgasming for hours ;) without ejaculating here: Ballooning ;)

How did you get there in the first place?
Any insights? :)


“Ballooning,” huh? That name is pretty mild, and does not do the experience justice.we ought to call it super-fantabula-gasm-ation or something equally intense.

Maybe about seven or eight years ago I became fascinated by “tantric sex,” in which a guy can have all the sex he wants but only rarely gets to ejaculate. It struck me as weird, ascetic, perverse, impossible, tormenting.. But I was fascinated. And that morbid fascination eventually got me to try edging w/o finishing up, which at first gave me the biggest case of blue-balls ever. But I felt so energized the next day that I tried it again—and again—and eventually I not only became hooked on it, but got much better, so that I could ride the edge for ages and enjoy not cumming. It became a kind of meditation, in which my entire universe was focused on the yummy/horny feelings of incipient orgasm.

I thought I was getting as intense as possible, but now I’ve found some even more intense methods (just as intense as an ejaculatory orgasm, but lasting maybe 10 minutes before my cock is spent). I got there by doing OK-style strokes of the shaft (but NOT the head), which is a pretty brutal tease in itself. Then, as my body wanted me to go firmer and heavier, I stroked more and more lightly, barely grazing: the sensation is 95% generated internally, with only a tiny amount coming from the touch itself.

My current technique is even weirder: I bring myself to the edge, then put on a condom, then work up to stroking ever-so-lightly with my index fingertip on the frenulum and thumb opposite it, on the top of the shaft: the lightest possible strokes with the least possible contact on the outside of a condom. But GOD does it feel intense, just like the real thing.. It almost hurts. And my whole body is involuntarily tensing (unlike the edging I’d done for years, which could be pretty relaxed). It’s this last technique which seems to have turbo-charged my weight-training workouts.

So I guess I’ve been “ballooning” for some time now, but it hasn’t changed my penis size any over the years I’ve done it.

What about you?

Oops, I forgot, one more thing: the key to making ejaculation control not only work but feel *really* good is when you reach near the point of no return.. RELAX. Push your cock and belly out, exhale gently, un-tense your body. It’s exactly the opposite of what the “ejaculation control” authors say, but it really does work. And it lets your body enjoy the sensations, instead of strangling them.

Thanks a lot, Hourgasm :)

About the relaxing at the PONR.. It’s one of the most difficult things to do for me.. I did it some times in the past.. But it’s kinda difficult if all of your body seems to scream “I WANT TO COME!”.. Evolution.. tsk ;)


Out of curiosity, what do you do in a security check at an airport forinstance? I mean, there is a peice of metal in your pants?

regards, mgus

Taped onto the dashboard of a car at a junkyard, I once found the following: "Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement." The car was crashed.

Primary goal: To have an EQ above average (i.e. streetsmart, compassionate about life and happy) Secondary goal: to make an anagram of my signature denoting how I feel about my gains

oh BTW, you are circumcised, right?
Because your idea only seems to work without stimulating the glans if you are.. which I’m not..
Heck, even the dry orgasm ;) itself is stimulating my glans by pulling on the skin and thus on the glans ;)

I really want a workaround for this without losing my skin ;)



Lots of members here and interested in the extended and multiple orgasm. We even have a few female members who are incredibly knowledgeable on the subject. You’ll likely find thousands of posts on the subject as well as assessments on the ‘Multi Orgasmic Man’ book by searching the edging (which is the more common) and (the slightly outdated it would seem to me) ballooning terms. Throwing Kegel, kegeling, and kegels in there may also prove fruitful. Check out the thread in my signature for help.

This signature is closed for the public.

YS— Yeah, your body screaming to “finish up” makes it tough. Kinda like your body screaming “put this weight down” when it’s really heavy and your muscles burn and you’ve a couple reps left, or screaming “unbend this stretch” when you’re contorted into some yoga pose, or screaming “stop and rest” when you’ve already run a long way. But in all those cases you have to tolerate a new sensation—one which starts off as discomfort—for a while before discovering that it not only doesn’t feel so bad, but can actually feel good, and can bring wonderful benefits besides.. There’s no free lunch. In the case of sex, I’ve discovered/decided that being horny is THE POINT; orgasm is just the pinnacle of intense desire.

And once you realize that horniness is a good thing to be cultivated, rather than a bad thing to be rubbed out, then the sky’s the limit for what you can enjoy.

And yes, I’m circumcised.. Don’t know quite how that metal bar would fit otherwise.

MGUS— Piercings are stainless steel, which is non-magnetic and doesn’t trigger security checks (so far!). But I wasn’t sure I really believed that the first time I went through one, and was wondering how on earth I would have explained my way out of it. Whew..

BEASTLY— Thanks for the search tips! They do work much better. You’re right, “edging” is the term of choice here, but the approach I discovered is the opposite of what most people here (and the Multi-Orgasmic Man book) recommend: they use kegels at the PONR, and I use anti-kegels (relaxation). A kegel is still good if you actually *pass* the PONR, to stop an ejaculation in it’s tracks, and kegeling is great exercise and makes you more aware of which muscles to relax. But kegels at the PONR tend to kill desire for awhile, while relaxing paradoxically enhances desire but prevents the ejaculation.

Turns out the “relax” technique has been discovered for *women* who practice continuous orgasm, manually stimulated. I’ve studied this a lot, taken classes, practiced a lot, and it’s absolutely for real: a woman can have a continuous half-hour orgasm (even in public) with just the gentlest back-and-forth caress of her clit. And what she has to do when she reaches “the edge” is to push out or relax, rather than tightening up, and to keep paying attention to the sensation no matter how intense it gets.

If you’re interested in a web-search for that, look for “orgasmic meditation,” “deliberate orgasm,” or “extended massive orgasm.”

If nothing else, being able to give that kind of hand-job helps make up for my having an average-sized cock. But maybe PE will help change that?

Originally Posted by Hourgasm
MGUS— Piercings are stainless steel, which is non-magnetic and doesn’t trigger security checks (so far!). But I wasn’t sure I really believed that the first time I went through one, and was wondering how on earth I would have explained my way out of it. Whew..

The brass button in my wallet is non-magnetic as well, and it beeps in the airport. I think they are know as metal detectors, not magnetic ferrite detectors.

regards, mgus

Taped onto the dashboard of a car at a junkyard, I once found the following: "Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement." The car was crashed.

Primary goal: To have an EQ above average (i.e. streetsmart, compassionate about life and happy) Secondary goal: to make an anagram of my signature denoting how I feel about my gains

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