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First measuring day .

First measuring day .

First (real) measure today . It’s approx 48 hours since my last workout and I just measured myself before my workout . Here’s the results after 2 weeks of dedicated PE :

FSL 6 7/8” -3/8” gain
FL 4 3/8” -3/8” gain
FG 4 1/2” -1/2” gain

BPEL 6” -1/2” gain
EG 4 7/8” -3/8” gain

I’m sure I measured properly at the beginning and just now again . I’m also sure they are “true” gains because after my routine today , I was bigger all around by about another 1/4” .

My estranged wife noticed the difference last night as well (We haven’t shared a bed in 1 1/2 weeks) . Heehee .

Oh happy day ! Thank You PE and Thunder’s . My donation is on it’s way .

Terrific Job, Rackhunter! That is why we are here, to hear our SO’s moan even louder than before. Keep it up, and I don’t just mean the good work. ;)

Those sure are huge gains, congrats. Did you do the newbie routine?

"Every chance is an opportunity."


Thank you xlmagnum . I appreciate the feedback . I look to your “Holy Trinity” and your gains thus far to help with my motivation and good spirits whenever I find myself slipping . Your positive attitude is something everyone here can benefit from . I think you truly are an inspiration to Newbies and Vets alike and thanks again for the encouragement .

Yes Azis , I do the newbie routine , then after my first week , added a couple of horse 440’s , did longer stretches , a few more jelqs , and started clamping 2 sets of 2 minutes each . I take days off if I start my routine and feel sore or fatigued . I also don’t clamp and shorten my routine if I feel I can’t take it . Having said that , I go longer with my routine if I don’t feel the workout was intense enough .

Thanks for the replies fellas .

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