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First Measurement

First Measurement

Well after my first 2 weeks of PE’ing I did my measurments. I gained a 1/16 of an inch on my non-BP measurement but gained 5/16 on my BP measurement. No gains in girth. Is this right? where I only gained a 1/16 of an inch on my non-bone pressed, but gained a whole 5/16 on a BP meausrement? I am in really good shape, so it has nothing to do with weight. Please let me know!



I don’t trust the nbp for following progress. Don’t get me wrong nbp measuremenst have its uses, but they are subject to so many variables that I have found them near useless for following progress. When you do bp make sure your press in at nearly the same spot all the time and push it in just short of drawing blood with the ruler. Also have a consistent posture when you sight the measurement. By doing this you will avoid variations due to placement and pressure. The measurement with the least variable is the bpfsl (flaccid stretch bone pressed) these are usually a little longer than your bpel but you avoid the variation due to the quality of erection that particular day.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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