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First long routine. A few questions.

First long routine. A few questions.

I just did my first very serious routine:

5 minute hot wrap
10 minutes of manual stretches
5 minute hot wrap
40 minutes of wet jelqs
5 minute hot wrap
10 minutes of pumping
5 minute hot wrap

My question is after I was done jelqing I had a weird discoloration on the head of my penis. It looked like light spots and dark spots but not really spots just a funky camouflage looking pattern of light and dark skin. Is this normal?

7-18-05 8-4-05 10-23-05 Goal

NBP: 6" NPB: 6.25" NBP: 6.5" BP: 8"

BP: 6.25" BP: 6.5" BP: 6.75" :)

Slight discoloration in your penis is a very normal thing in PE, I’m not sure how long you have been PEing, but maybe 40 minutes and pumping is abit advanced?
You should consider the newbie routine: Newbie Routine
Again, I’m not sure how long you’ve been PEing and discoloration isn’t such a big deal, just ease off if you start noticing proper red spots or pain.
Don’t forget the search: /forum/search.php?

Good luck, Jesse

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