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first jelq than squeez?

first jelq than squeez?

Hallo it´s me again from poland.

My routine is :warmup,10min manual strech,400 jelq strokes(3sec) and warm down.

Now i wanted to add some squeezes,horses….

My question is:Is it more effective to do the squeezes after the jelqs or maybe schould i do them between the jelqs(i mean for example 100 strokes and then some squeezes and then 100 jelqs and so on)?



Firtstly, how long have you been jelqing. Don’t try horses until you’ve jelqed for around 2 months, its a good route to injury.

Generaly a little bit of jelqing before horses is probably a good idea but you can mix them in. I tend to do them at the end of a jelqing session.

This type of question might be better placed in the newbie forum.

Hi there memento, I have a particular question for you, I have 5 months of PE training and I am currently focusing only on girth.

My routine consists now only on 300 dry jelqs with the 3 grips, now, I want to incorporate some jelq squeezes into my routine so I was wondering if you could help me with info of how many squeezes do you think that are necessary to increase girth because in the video it doesn’t say anything about how many should I do.

Please help, Greetings from Ecuador :)

Try starting at one rep and then increasing until you hit a few minutes worth. I think they come best at the end of a routine. You might want to ask advice from someone who is actively doing them though and watch out for overdoing it.

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