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First Jelq session

First Jelq session

Did my first jelq session. Still waiting for the PM so I thought I would give it a try. Did about 80 jelqs, going slow to start with. How much pressure should I put on the grip. In the video it looks like the guy is REALLY squeezing hard. Also, how much of a pull should it be. I’m doing the newbie routine, I take a hot shower where I do the 10 min of stretches, instead of the hot wrap!



I noticed the same thing about the videos.

In fact, I was just thinking about this yesterday. It seems to me that showing that heavy of a workout on the videos is asking for trouble. The problem is that the videos are primarily used by newbies who (in my opinion) shouldn’t be using that much force.

Perhaps there are people who can take such force when they start up. I’m sure that I would have an injury if I used that much force.

I use a looser grip and don’t pull nearly as hard when I jelq. I think that the best rule is to start off light, and listen to your body. Slowly increase the intensity of the workout (both in terms of grip strength and pulling force) until it feels right for you.

Since my jelqing workout is done during my shower time, I took a hot shower as warm up rather than getting a hot wrap.

To me, the force shouldnt be too intense, just enough to push to blood to the glan is more than sufficient. :)

I know I am doing a good jelq when I feel a “filled and pushing” sensation in the inside of my penis. It’s some decent pressure, but by no means unbearable.

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