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First gains

First gains

Hey all,

I am a newbie who just read a few E-books and found this forum and I have been doing an mostly regular routine a few times per week. This week is my third week of PEing (counting from saturday) and I have noticed some SUBSTANTIAL gains.

My starting stats were:

BPEL 6.25
EG: 4.75


BPEL: 6.6875
EG: 4.9375

Good luck and happy hunting all!

I am jealous. you have some insane potential there!

Did you measure before a workout or after? Im not even sure tissue, espeically the girth almost .25 in a 3 weeks can grow that fast!

Starting, Feb. 04' BPEL 5.5, EG 4.5, Feb 06' BEPEL 6.00, EG 5.0

Summer goal- 6.25 BPEL, 5.25 EG, HELP ME GET IT!

My initial measurements were actually smaller. I remember at one point I was just a HAIR under 6 BPEL JAMMING the ruler into my pelvis. My “initial” measurements were after a week of unofficial PEing and also I realized I had been doing unofficial stretches on my penis all year long at college after taking a piss to wring out any urine so I counted my measurements as initial right as I began my program. I try to measure on my off days and surely not after any workouts since tissue swells post-workout so I am fairly sure that my measurements are close if not completely accurate. My girth is still 1/16 under 5 inches so don’t call it .25 yet! Haha.soon enough. I want to get to over 7 NBPEL and 5.5EG as my initial goal and ultimately the same goal as most others here 8X6. I never would have believed in this in a millions years!

Congrats on the gains mate!

I wish i had the same sucess in my first 3 weeks :(

Anyway, what exactly is your regular routine if you don’t mind me asking?

Start: 2nd of march-2006 Stats: BPEL (6.4" 16.4cm) NBPEL (5.9" 14.9cm) EG (5.0" 12.8cm)

Goal : 7.5" NBPEL 6.0" EG My Progress Report

4 Weeks Left On Newbie Routine

Excellent gains, jmag! It is a fantastic feeling, isn’t it? :) Welcome to the club.

Basically my routine has consisted of manual stretches a couple of times throughout the day. Due to privacy issues (college dorm) I usually do a 5-10 minute stretching routine whenever I go to the bathroom so as not to arouse suspicion. I do stretches out, left, right, up, and down. Then I’ll do circular stretches in both directions a few times. Then I’ll so some fowfers when watching TV late at night. My girth hasn’t changed a WHOLE lot because I only do jelqing or squeezes a few times week. I am doing them now almost every time I work out. The KEY I think is to take time off! People tend to overwork MORE than they tend to underwork. People think more workouts means more gain but if my penis is sore around the base from stretching or sore in the shaft from jelqs, squeezes or whatever, I take a day off. Simple as that. Hope this helps..


Those are some great gains! Best of luck to you on your PE adventure.

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