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First gains.pretty stoaked

First gains.pretty stoaked

So after two weeks of doing the newbie routine with a little o bends thrown in I reached a girth of exactly 5.5”! I honestly didn’t;t think the newbie routine would help, but I gained about .2 inches in girth in 2 weeks! That’s awesome. I have yet to gain any in length, but I haven;t been serious with stretching just been doing lots of jelqs and o bends. But I am a believer now, this stuff does work.

Awesome man stick at it!

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.


I’ve gains a nice .5 inchs girth as well :D , I’m aiming for 5.5, lucky bastard

Haha thanks for the words. It’s awesome seeing a gain that fast it really makes a guy wanna stick with it and commit. Now just wanna gain about .5 inch in length and if any girth comes along with it ill be a very happy man

:) Good job man

I’m seeing my gains after 2 weeks too.. You wouldn’t believe this, but 2 weeks ago I was like 5.7 BPEL at best, now I’m at 6.3 BPEL.

Maybe I just didn’t measure well at first.. But it sounds about right.

That’s awesome man! Any advice on working on length?

Focus your stretches to the point where you can FEEL the stretch, but not pull your dick out.
Also, fowfers did it for me. People say they don’t work, but with enough pressure for long durations you bet it stretches your ligs out.

EDIT: Watch out, I did an all-night BTC stretch and woke up kinda sore, with a bump and irritation.
Maybe it’s a thrombosed vein, too early to be doing all night fowfers.
I don’t care though, I’m proud of this vein, I’m going to let it heal. Every PE’er had it in some form or another some time, and that’s how you know your limits :)


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