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First gains No jelqing, only ADS


First gains No jelqing, only ADS

Title says it all. I’m incredibly happy because PE doesn’t seem like voodoo magic anymore, and I can finally profit from it. My starting stats are 5.9”x4” (definitely a pencil), which increased to 6.25 in about a month (I feel girthier, too, but I refuse to measure yet). I’m using a vac-style ADS fastened with rubber bands for tension and comfort, and I’m wearing it between 6 and 9 hours a day, four days a week. I’m extremely skinny, which feels absolutely terrible (especially when my girlfriend lets it slip that she couldn’t fit her ex’s in her mouth), but I’m being optimistic about this one; hopefully the lesser girth will help with quick length gains. Once I hit 7” I’ll start adding girth exercises to my routine, but until then, it’s all about the ADS!

Congrats on the gains man. 0.35 in 1 month is enviable. You should throw in some kegels and see even better results :)

And a big WHAT THE at your girlfriend saying stuff like that, especially if you didn’t bring up that particular topic of conversation.

May I ask where you got your ADS from?

Can you tell us a bit more about your experience with the ADS? I tried one a while back and I couldn’t really get it to work under clothing.

Starting Jan 2009 - 5.9375" EL x 5.5" EG. Jun 2009 - 6" BPEL x 5.5" EG. Nov 2011 - 6.5" BPEL x 5.2" EG

Goal: 7" EL. Girth is fine as it is, but any incidental gains are welcome!

Thats awesome bro. It really shows that everyone is different and that each person has his own niche.

ADS rules :up: Most of my growth is from it. Congrats on your gains :)

Do you do a manual stretching routine to warm up for the ADS? Also do you wear it up or down?


I measured my unit the morning after I created this thread, and I’m at 6.5” (ROCK-hard erection.. And I know the extra gains weren’t just because my erection has gotten better, but because I wasn’t completely erect when I measured it the last time). I’ve grown more than half an inch since I began, and that was just over a month ago. I was with my girlfriend this weekend and she kept on mentioning how the sex feels better and that I’m hitting her in ways I haven’t before. I bought a vac-extender from that monkeybar guy, and just got some new silicon tubes. Anyway, I have no warm-up for the ADS, but I do start it with a lower tension (I.e. Two rubber bands) before I go all out (I.e. 4 rubber bands). I use this cheap knee-support band I bought from CVS, a SoCal drugstore chain, to attach the actual device to. I wear pretty darn tight jeans, and you can’t tell I have a fair amount of awkward plastic in my pants unless I’m sitting in an odd position.

Don’t give up, guys!

Thats fantastic I hope you keep gaining! Are you planning on adding more intense exercises to your daily routine eventually?

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Definitely.. I NEED the girth eventually. I was reluctant to start and to sink my time into PE (I have a crazy schedule, but don’t we all.), so the ADS was a good way for me to begin. Now that the magic is happening, I see clamping in my semi-distant future. Jelqing will definitely be first though. By the way, bluray: it’s nice to see someone with ~about my stats gain like you have, so thanks for posting!

Hey your very welcome lol, I would tell you to click the link to my progress thread in my signature but I don’t know how to make the thing a clickable link.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Hey, I thought I’d post something that I do that isn’t really common for ADSers. After reading a lot of ADS threads, I’ve realized that my tension is pretty darn high. Even when there’s a bit of hurt, I keep at it (unless it’s unbearable). I know it must be a good hurt though because I can really feel it in my ligs.

I still think ADS is the way to go for beginners, and I’m not really sure if I buy the whole “people need to find the routine that’s best for them” mantra. The correct philosophy seems a lot more like bodybuilding to me (e.g. "Everything works, but nothing works forever,” “quality of quantity,” etc.). Who knows?

Starting: 5.9" BPEL x 4.0" EG

Currently: 6.5" BPEL x ? EG (saving measurement for 1" BPEL gain milestone!)

Goals: 8"x6" (of course)

Great gains my friend. Truly an inspiration.

I have been looking in to trying ADS because it seems as if I grow with longer duration stretches rather than the 30-60 second clips. I started gaining myself once I put in the 5-min A and V-Stretches. ADS might be a good thing for me to try to. I’m going to give my routine and “newbie period” another month yet and then I’m probably going to try ADS. Good job again!

I think because of this thread I will begin ADS routine.

Congratulations on your superb start to your PE career. Just to be clear; are you using an ADS or an extender? The distinction is very important.

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