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First Gains Measured


First Gains Measured

First off, I gotta say this forum is cool. Something about having a community guys that don’t judge and make fun is quite a departure from the usual “talking smack” that we would experience if this was all “in person”.

I measured my first gains! Now, If I push my kegels hard I can get the 5.0 girth, but I kinda feel like that is cheating. I imagine that I would hit that mark at orgasm, but it would only be for a couple seconds. So I am only claiming the 4.9 for now. I’ll claim the 5.0 when it becomes the standard. The 6.0 length is for real. I was very careful not to press any harder into the pubic bone than I did the first time, so I stand by my measurement! Hooray! Now, I just have to avoid measuring again for 1 month.

The other night we were in the hot tub and when we were getting out, my wife said you got a big boner there. I looked down and it was just hanging flaccid. I said “not really”, and I flopped it around to prove it. I love that the flaccid look is noticeable. Before, I think the flaccid look was so small, because it was so elastic, that she would make a point not to look at it. It’s really cool, I can’t explain it any better.

Begin 12-28-08: BPEL:5.8 EG:4.75

Current 2-08-09: BPEL:6.0 EG:4.90

1st Goal_____: BPEL:7.0 EG:5.50

Congrats man, once you start gaining you can never stop LOL. Keep up the good work, looking forward to hearing more gains from you.

Was (july 07): 5.25 nbp (5.9 bp)X 4.5

July 10 :6.15 nbp (6.65 bp)X 4.8

Goal: 6.75 nbp (7.1 bp) x 5.1 Final goal : 7.25 nbp x 5.3

I believe flaunting the flaccid is a double edged sword. Some women get so impressed if you have a big flaccid, and some women laugh because they don’t usually see them unless they are hard so unless your flaccid is above the average erection they won’t be impressed. Congrats on the gains tallheart, keep it up.


Starting stats:- Dec11th2008 7.2"bpelx6" meg.Mar23rd09 8.375"bpel x 6.125"meg. Mar10 8.4" bpelx6.125" meg.

Goal: 8"nbpel x 7" A one eyed monster by any standard :)

This Thursday will be a month for me. Can’t wait/kinda nervous to take my first measurement. Congratulations tallheart.

Thanks Guys!

Begin 12-28-08: BPEL:5.8 EG:4.75

Current 2-08-09: BPEL:6.0 EG:4.90

1st Goal_____: BPEL:7.0 EG:5.50

Congratulations and keep up the great work!

Starting: 6.25" BPEL x 5" EG on or before Aug. 04/93.

Aug. 04/05. 7.25" BPEL x 5.5" EG. -- Lastest: 7.625" BPEL x 5.625" EG on Aug. 07/06.

Goal: 8" BPEL x 6" EG or untill the little lady says ouch.

Whoa cub - your profile pic is a doozie.

Congrats bro! Nice to hear gains early on, hope they keep coming for you. Keep up the good work!

Congrats on the fast gains! Hope things keep going at that great pace for you, though be sure to stick to the exercises and not get too fixated on measurements.

Congrats! I can’t wait to get my first gains and feel what you’re feeling right now :P I started 3 days ago, so I think I have a little bit left before I should measure again :P

Congrats on the gains! [Sorry, something’s wrong with my forum. It doesn’t refresh for some reason, and I can’t see new posts or threads so I don’t see anything I do :S I need to fix it. :S]

Congrats man.

Nice job dude, and I hope dyablo is right, I want to start and never stop if I keep gaining!

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