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First gains, I think


First gains, I think

Hey guys I think i might have saw my first gains when i measured this morning. I’ve been PEing consistently for 3 months now. I have been PEing for a few years prior but never anything with the same consistency as now. At the start of my PE journey I took measurements and was about 16.3 cm BPEL, and after today I measured I was in between 16.5/16.6 cm BPEL. Ive measured many times in my life and never ever hit these numbers I’m always around 16.1-16.3 cm BPEL depending on the day. So when I saw this I was pretty stoked. Do you guys think this is too small of a gain to be considered good, maybe i just had a good day type of thing? I’m not sure but I also think my girth increased a hair.

My routine has been the newbie routine with a couple moderations, slowly increasing times of exercises each month.

Man that is what it is all about, hitting measurements you have never made it to before! Congrats bro and keep at it!

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Nice dude, a gain is a gain. Hope you progress even more!

It’s the best feeling, seeing gains.. More gains to come!

All gains are good gains!! Congrats! May they keep coming!

:_pump: :donatecar

Thanks guys, I was starting to lose a little hope, hopefully they are legit gains and I can continue to make progress. For anyone who feels discouraged, just be consistent with your routine.

I would definitely consider this as a gain, congratulations! There goes another proof that consistency is the key to successful PE.

Start (11/08): BPEL 16.0cm (6.3"), EGMS 11.2cm (4.4")

Now (05/09): BPEL 18.4cm (7.24"), EGMS 12.1cm (4.76")

Even a small gain is still a gain and a taste of things yet to come. Just stay consistent and there will be more surprises in store for you.

Nightman cometh. Congrats on the gains!

Awesome job on the gaining!

Well done, ted.

A ruler will never lie. Nice going

Thanks again guys, funny thing is the past few days my flaccid hang hasn’t been great, and I was thinking about taking a break after this week. Flaccid hang is back now though, maybe its the confidence. Haha. But I’m going to continue the same routine I have now for another month, and take it from there.

I was the same way, at first it’s almost as if you think there’s a chance you could get gains but you’d be so stoked if you ever gain 1/2 inch, and then before you know it, you’ve gained a half inch and your fluffed flaccid, is about as long as your old erection.

Haha my “fluffed flaccid” IS the length of my pre PE erect length, I have hung every day the last 30 days and now its very common for me to have a 6 inch flaccid, I am loving it.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

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