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First gain


First gain

Thanks to all the guys who’ve been doing this a while and gave good advice and encouragement. I just did my first follow-up measurement exactly one month after beginning with the Newbie Routine, which I have done religiously. I have gained half a centimeter in BPEL. Onward and upward!

BPEL: 14 cm goal: 15 cm (for now)

Congratulations !

Congratulations and keep those gains coming!

Way to go Jazzer!

Sept. 4, '07: BPEL 6.875 inches, EG widest 5.25

Goal: Double digits

Woo, keep it up!

Good job, congrats!!!!

Short term goal:7.5"EL 6"EG Long term goal:8.5"EL 6.5" EG

Good job! :thumbs:

:_pump: :donatecar

You all are so supportive! I feel motivated to continue, and then to update my goal perhaps when I’ve actually reached 15 cm BPEL. Girth is not very important to me, since I’ve always felt that I was too thick for my length anyway.

An interesting side note: I notice that I “show” more since I began the stretching exercises. My flaccid dick used to look like the button one presses to select the destination floor in an elevator. Now it looks like a flaccid dick.

BPEL: 14 cm goal: 15 cm (for now)

Half a centimeter in one month.. Nice work!! :| I’m also busy for one month now, but haven’t really gained yet :(

Originally Posted by misterdoe
Half a centimeter in one month.. Nice work!! :| I’m also busy for one month now, but haven’t really gained yet :(

Don’t worry you will. Check your PIs ( see sparkyx’s article if you haven’t yet) and be consistent with your routine , adapt it ( increase time/pressure when you feel you can without having negative PIs ).

Someone on this forum truely said “PE is a marathon , not a sprint.”

Eventually you’ll gain, and what difference does it make if you achieve your goals in 2 years or more?

Not only Pe is a marathon but everything is in this world. To take the time, is the key to succes in anything in this world.

Nothing is completed over one day.

Not updated progress in a long time.

way to go!!

Good job jazzer, keep up the good work !

Okay, gang,

I’ve continued the Newbie Routine religiously for two months. I just did my second measurement, and I’ve gained another 0.25 cm. That means I only have another 0.25 cm to go until I reach my goal and can begin “cementing” the gains.

I’m starting to look better proportioned now, since my dick was always rather too thick for it’s length (for my taste, anyway).

The other two wonderful benefits for me have been:

1) I now show more in the flaccid state; and

2) the skin stretching is giving me something that sort of resembles foreskin. I’ve always thought it particularly barbaric to lop off the foreskin of a baby - without his consent - just because some religious leaders thought it might please their desert god. What I am experiencing now is something like a “re-birth” of my foreskin, the loss of which I have always mourned. Of course it’s not exactly the same, but it IS a consolation to me, and I find it infinitely more aesthetically pleasing. In two months, I’ve gone from no foreskin to 1 cm of “foreskin”, and I call that a serious gain.

Again, thanks for all the supportive posts!

BPEL: 14 cm goal: 15 cm (for now)

Congratulations, Jazz! Glad to hear the Newbie Routine working for another one ;) . Hopefully I’ll be as lucky as you in the coming months. Keep it up, and good luck reaching your goal.

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