First Full Month of PE :)

Well… My first full month of PE exercises will be up in two days! I am excited to measure and see what gains that I have made and I know I have made some just through the looks of it.

I started out at an average of about 6.5 in BP length and about 5.2 base girth and just under 5 inches midshaft girth. Now I can tell that my head is MUCH bigger, the penis is heavier in my hand, more veins, and seems to be longer and thicker.

My routine has been pretty steady, I have gone some weekends with 3 and 4 days off, but tried to catch it up the next weekend because some weekends I am very sexually active with my girlfriend and I never really feel like PE afterwards.

Anyways, for anyone who is thinking of giving up or tired of doing PE already, just get in the routine and the time will go by so fast because I thought I had two weeks left but actually 2 days!