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First day and not sure if I went too hard following Beginners Routine

First day and not sure if I went too hard following Beginners Routine

Hey everyone first post :)
Ok so I did the beginners routine yesterday and my dick turtled after the jelqing, does that mean I did too much?

Also I decided to do the overhand OK because it seemed more comfortable and I put pressure from the top of the penis. I have since read that you are not supposed to put pressure on the top, only on the bottom and sides, is that right? So all day yesterday my dick was kinda sad, kinda sore, but not pain really, just felt uncomfortable I guess. Today it feels better but still a little uncomfortable and I think my hang is a little smaller than usual. So I decided to take today off maybe start again tomorrow.

My question is: is the turtling/remaining soreness from jelqing too much (200 times/10 minutes) or was it because I put the pressure on the top? Tomorrow should I still try for 200 with correct technique or should I shoot for a lower amount like 50 - 100?

Have you considered starting out with the other n00b routine?NEW newbie + advanced routine

Running a Massive Co-Front.

That routine looks alot better for starting out! Thank you

Well when I first tryed the linear routine I found the same soreness but carried on. If its still sore on the time you normally do it the next day then maybe take a rest day and try it again the next day. I’ve read around and found that if the routine (especially jelqing) feels uncomfortable then your doing it correctly but if that uncomfortability turns to pain then maybe you have to slow down a bit. By the sounds of it though as long as you stop putting pressure on the top of the penis you should be fine to continue just as long as it dosent aggravate you too much. Hope this has helped


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Goal> 7 x 5.5

Yeah I tried the linear routine today after resting yesterday and everything seems good now. I’ll be sure to post progress in a month! Have you had any success with the linear routine so far?


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