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Firm when flaccid but.

Firm when flaccid but.

Recently after about 5 weeks of the newbie routine I have noticed I am sometimes firm when flaccid, I know some people report this as an injury but my PI’s are all positive. My erection quality has never been better so I am confused.
Does anyone else notice a flaccid stiffness after jelqing? Am I overdoing it or what?

My best regards

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Me too after jelqing, I get stiffer flacid as well as it contracts temporarily, but the next day it’s all good and seems a bit bigger !
I think you have nothing to worry about as you have no negative PI`s ! That’s my opinion !

Hope it helps !

Having the same problem, my base is firm and my penis also got smaller sometimes, it shrinks.

I don’t know what to do and I’m going crazy soon..
I just say take it very easy because this problem I have do you don’t want

Yeah,the flaccid stiffness seems to have gone today. I may ease back a bit though and jelq less intense, I think I may have been a bit too eager with the grip, but like I say erections are good and strong so who knows? It’s a difficult thing to gage really.

Anyhow it’s my rest day so I’ll see where to go from here, good luck guys.

The results of a stiffer/toughened flaccid maybe lack of heat or not using heat at all.
So try using heat if your already not doing so. Or up your warm up/warm down time and try a gentle massage at the end of your routine to help relax the penis.


^Forgot to add.

After stetching my penis feels very soft and pliable. So try some light stretching, a good warm down and gentle massage at the end of the routine.
Also try investing in a heat lamp. I noticed after doing my whole routine (about 20 - 30mins) in front of a heat lamp, it kept my penis warm and supple all day.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Rod,I will try more heat bro, much appreciated! All the best.

My flaccid is spongy and pliable while sitting or laying down.

But for some reason when I stand up my flaccid goes stiff. If I massage it for a second then it becomes pliable again but then firm slowly thereafter. It still seems odd for this to be happening? My EQ is fine and I haven’t experienced any other negative PI’s.

Any vets have an idea on the subject?

No ideas fellas?

Help Please??????

Its nothing man, you guys think any little change means its an injury lol. Relax, follow the newbie routine and take a break if you get a real documente negative PI. The are too many PE hypcondriacs around here!

I totally know what you mean man.

The thing is that when I jelq and penis starts to fill with blood it remains firm (even at 50%) up until a breaking point where it becomes more malleable for a second and then gets hard again.

I just wanted to know why this is?

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