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Fired Up

Fired Up

Check it out. I have been reading posts for a month or two now and only joined about a week ago and now I think I have finally stretched the skin while hanging because I just finished hanging and felt it in my ligs. I was hanging straight down or BTC and noticed a very good stretch so I started to kegel and the ligs started to get tired. I could feel them being worked. I had’nt felt that before. I also did some blasters.. I am starting this quest at 6.5 bpel and 4.75 girth. My goal is 8 bpel by 5.75-6 girth. I am currenty not doing any girth work, only length. If I dedicate 2 hrs. A day to hanging when should I take my 1st measurements to see if I have gained? I am fired up about this as I have always been unhappy with my size. I am 6’2” and I now believe I can change it!

Take it easy in the beginning or you are just going to hurt yourself. I suggest starting with the Newbie routine to condition your dick first. If you absolutely want to do hanging I recomend that you start with very light weights and work your way up slowly.

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"

Wow, with that routine so soon your cock will really hit the floor hey? Like LITERALLY.

Do the Noob routine; why you ask?

Because if you’ve been reading for a month or two you should know by now hanging is not what you should be doing. Shame on you.

Don’t risk it, it takes time whichever way you do it and if you hurt yourself you can only blame stupid.

Don’t start hanging until after you’ve done the Newbie Routine for about 3-4 months, then ask yourself if you think your ‘unit’ is ready to dangle weights off of it.

You only have 1 unit, and if you injure it that means no PE for you; no PE means no gains, only potential losses in ‘former’-gains. Oh yeah, there’s also this potential for some other little nasty side-effects of rushing into hanging; loss of feeling in your unit, and/or tearing a ligament in your unit. :eek: Does that sound appealing to you? I didn’t think so :p .

Just take your PE journey slow, otherwise you really will injure yourself, or atleast greatly improve the chances of it and we don’t want that to happen, especially since it could be prevented.

Hopefully this helped! :up: and of course, good luck with your PE ‘journey!’

No dedication + No self-discipline = No Gains. This goes for working out as well. It\'s elementary math kids.

Starting Date: 1-17-05 - EL: 6 in. EG: 5.125 in. ... or 5 2/16 in. ..FL: 4.5 in. ... or 4 8/16 in. FG: 4.5 in. ... or 4 8/16 in.

14th Check-In Date (much 'rest time' so far): 10-01-06 - EL: 7 1/16 in. EG: 5 9/16 in. ................ FL: 5.00 in. ... or 5 in. FG: 4.75 in. ... or 4 12/16 in....1st Goal: EL: 7 in. EG: 5.75 in ... or 5 12/16 in.

Thanks for your concern guys. I am only hanging a few pounds. Split in the morning and at night. I WILL be careful. I know by all the threads it takes time. I should mention that I was stretching and jelqing some prior to starting the hanging routine.


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