Finished JP90. What next?

Hi guys it’s extremely early in the morning and no sleep yet so I will keep this as short and to the point as possible.

I completed the beginner JP routine but have no measurable results. Big majority of my PE workouts were in this late night tired state whilst watching something on youtube to time the warmups and get me through the full sessions. I have no actual measurable Gains on my penis even though I was hoping for a 0.25 noob gain. The conditioning is why I did this. Staying at a higher etrection level was almost impossible.

What do I do next because my motivation to continue the JP routine has been zapped and destroyed. I’m proud I only missed 6 days out of 90. But I feel done with the routine at the same time. Reading between the lines and you might notice that most people who did Gain had modified or added Uli’s or extra stretching/pumping sessions after the first month.

What can I do or follow to do something slightly more advanced to start having gains on my cock. Without injuring it!
Thanks fellas.