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Finished 3 months


Finished 3 months

I recently finished my first three months. Basically I did the newbie routine.
I have found my cock is stronger now but only gained about .2 inches
In length and .2 in girth. Now I am going for length only. I have started
V stretches. They seem to be pretty good. I don’t think I want to to take
A chance with hanging.
Am thinking about abs. Any suggestions for getting length?

Started 5.9 bpel now 6.2 bpel, girth 5.2 now 5.4. Goals 8.0 by 6.0.

A gain is a gain man. Be happy with it.

Low erection jelqs, manual stretches, ADS, hanging, even pumping are all good length options.

A good approach might be to do some manual stretching and jelqing followed by hours in an ADS, if you’re interested trying one.

That`s awesome. At this rate you`ll be 7” by spring!

If the routine you`re on now is still working, don`t change anything.

I like v-stretches as they directly target the tunica and you can control intensity, location and duration.

My goal is 8x6 also and at 7x5.5 I`m well on the way coming from 5 7/8x5 in december of last year.

Originally Posted by a-unit
If the routine you`re on now is still working, don`t change anything.

Yeah, THIS

Yeah was thinking about ads may wait another month or so to see how

These v stretches go. They seem to work well.

A unit are you still doing alot of that penis extender?

How is that working?

If your routine gives you gains, do not change it!

I’m also around 3 months in and gained a similar amount of length.

But even though it might be a really small amount per week, the length keeps coming slowly but surely.

Just make sure that you exhaust your current routine in terms of gains, before switching to something else.

Originally Posted by marshall09
A unit are you still doing alot of that penis extender?
How is that working?

I have begun a thread (wild tunica stretch) where I`m keeping track of results with the stretcher.

I use it 5 times a week with weekends off when the wife and my boys are around, and I find that the stretch I get with it along with the manual v-stretches is intense enough to keep the Unit satisfyingly strained.

I hope that eventually this program will result in more length gains, as I seem to have hit a plateau.

I have been contemplating hanging, but the idea fails to appeal to me sufficiently to motivate me to begin at this point.

I hear ya hanging at this point seems too much.

I may try the extender soon. Gator was saying to use the ads after

My routine for a few hours to keep the length.

Have you had any luck with ads at all?

I use saran wrap (!) as an ADS that I wear throughout the day, even when riding my bike.

Thats all just wrap it in Saran wrap?

Well actually it`s a 4” roll from the dollar store that we have in canada, which is perfect for wrapping after stretches and bends.

The saran is so comfortable that you can wear it for hours.

Just be careful not to wrap too tightly.

Keep doin what you’re doin! .2 inches is my short term goal. Just to see a gain is going to make me feel really, really good. As long as you’re consistent and modify your routine in a smart way, you should keep seeing progress :)

thanks guys I just bought an ace bandage forI wrapped it today after pe

amen thermal its nice to see your cock grow some

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