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If you are a nice guy Maj.Wood, I would want to reconsider changing your personality just a little bit.

You don’t have to turn into an asshole, but don’t be a nice guy. A nice guy doesn’t get Laid Period!. Just remember that most of the young girls even older ones are pretty shallow as shallow as we guys are. So you really don’t have to be a nice guy because that will just hurt you. But you don’t have to a be a complete jackass either. Be somewhere in between, that’s what really works, if they try to step on you face, show them that you have a dark side too. Try it for a week, and see the difference :)

Sorry about changing the subject some, but I would still like to respond.

I TOTALLY agree with changing the personality. “Nice guys finish last,” is indeed true, but that means they get all the leftovers. I have been putting it into practice a little as well. For example, I commented on a woman’s appearance the other day. She was a little caught off guard, so she asked me what that “meant.” I said, it’s called a compliment, you are supposed to say thank you, you are cute too.

Later on, though, I had a MUCH better response. Even though it was late, I asked her, “You know what I should’ve said?” Then I said, “That outfit is HORRIBLE on you. Take it off NOW !” She said, “Yeah, that IS much better,” and laughed. Now, seriously, I wasn’t trying to hit on her. I just do this from day to day with practice. So, practice makes perfect :rofl: !


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