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Finger length - penis size


Originally Posted by hopeful2hanglow
I don’t know if that Shaq reference is really about his cock or not. We would need actual measurements to be certain if he is larger than normal or not. The dude is extremely tall and huge.

It’s pretty obvious the reference is about his cock. Whether or not it is true is clearly another question. She apparently discusses this in interviews in more detail. I don’t really care enough to research it more, but you could probably find more information if you want.

An important point in thinking about this is to note that the mechanisms of growth for the skeletal system need not be related to that of non-skeletal appendages like the penis. Skeletal reference points (i.e. arm length, leg length, hand size, foot size, etc.) will tend to be proportionate since these all grow as part of the same system. However, it does not necessarily follow that a man’s penis size will be proportional to his height or any other skeletal reference point. There are many posts on Thunder’s Place lamenting this lack of proportionality.

The body of my hands are small and thin. My fingers are long, my feet are long and slender, toes are long to. But I have broad shoulders broad chest, hips and thicker thighs than most. So what happened? A blend of genetic makeup. I have flat feet, I hate flat feet, no arches what soever.

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My best friend and I have the exact same size hands. We’ve actually compared them. His dick is pushing 8 inches and I’m only sporting about 5. He is also much thicker. Now he is a couple inches taller than me and has been thin his entire life, while I was very overweight until recently. So I’d be more inclined to believe that height and penis size might be correlated in some way as well as obesity and smaller penises because of the fat pad issues and obese people tend to have lower testosterone and while I have no proof, I think that being fat when going through puberty can hinder development.

Originally Posted by James00
Funny that someone is asking this, because I just saw something relating to this:

According to University of Liverpool researcher John Manning, the size of your ring fingers and genitals are directly related to how much testosterone you received in the womb; the higher the testosterone level, the longer they are. In fact, looking at the length of ring fingers in comparison to index fingers will give an idea of the size of a man’s penis. If the ring fingers are longer, it means that there were healthy testosterone levels; if they are the same size or smaller, it means that there were lowered levels.…7822x1200737656

In comparison to index finger, not in an absolute sense. This is obviously true though, just look at the difference between men and womens hands; men always have much longer ring fingers. This information can be extremely useful in Thailand.

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Originally Posted by Invisible

An important point in thinking about this is to note that the mechanisms of growth for the skeletal system need not be related to that of non-skeletal appendages like the penis.

Great point. Two separate body systems. It has to do more with genetics. All of the boys in our family have big dicks and we are between 5’ 10” - 6’ 2” in height, I remember a girl saying my younger brother had a 11” dick but you know how women are with measurements. It has been insinuated by my father’s girlfriend that my father has a big one too. If it had to do with height, I’d hate to think how big my 7’ tall uncle is.

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Thanks for all the repplies, guys.

Not going to lie, this is one of the first things I thought about myself. You really need to read through the penis-size/height debate threads because, although there might not be a topic discussing this in particular, it has been discussed.

Finger length is partially determined by prenatal hormone levels. Read Klayton’s reference. I used to think the length of fingers was somehow related to length of penis. I have shorter fingers, but big palms (overall big hands). My penis isn’t long, but its girthy. But can you say a person with long fingers has high testosterone? Therefore, bigger dick? No, I don’t think. I have short fingers, but high testosterone. Of course I am only one example.

I moved on to limb length/penis size. I checked out height/penis size. Personally, I believe taller people are packing more heat that shorter people. I believe people with longer fingers are too, people with higher testosterone levels, in general. People with longer legs too (proportionally). But who cares. The average difference is so small, doesn’t make a difference to any feelings that I have about anything.

I would really hate it if people judged me by the length of my fingers (lol), but its true. What if this IS the correlation? Maybe height is? What does that do for us? I have been pushing this here at Thunders for a while. Who the fuck cares? What is that going to do, for you, or for me? I know you guys will still discuss this, which you have every right. But just think about it. What does it do, for anyone? Whats the point, can anyone answer me?

I agree with invictus on certain points. My ring finger is probably a good 1/4” longer than my index (not counting my left hand, I broke that in several places a while back and it’s a bit off) and I was only 5-1/2” BPEL and 5” EG pre-PE. Also, I’m 6’ tall and thin.

I no longer believe there’s any way to tell the size of guys unit through any other physical characteristic.

Thanks guys. One single counter example was all I needed to satisfy my curiosity.


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