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Finer points of Jelqing

Finer points of Jelqing

I have been finding that when starting my jelqing session, my the skin seems to fold up towards the glans (slightly covering the rim). This is with roughly 70% erection level.

After 5 minutes of edging I move on to erect bends (been consistently PEing for 10 months). Followed by another 5 minutes of edging.

Afterwards I move on to a combination of clamped jelqs to a regular jelq (with the hand clamping the base). Using regular jelqs to regain my 80 to 90% erection level. It is here where I notice the change in my penis to the regular jelqs..

The skin no longer folds up and instead the penis seems to stretch. In fact, I tested it by measuring using my hand. I normally reach the 5.5” marker on a regular basis. After a bit of edging it increases to roughly 5.75 to 6”. But when I get this stretching effect from the jelqs it reaches up to 6.5” or very close to it.

Can anyone please give their ideas on what it might indicate.. Or share personal experience with this occurrence. It is important to note that I try to create the feeling of getting hard with every jelq. That tingly good feeling of blood rushing in and enforcing the penis.

Expansion is good. Manual clamping is good. Exploring the continuum between Uli’s and jelqing is good manual work, for length and girth. Keep it up.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

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