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Finding the time for....

Finding the time for....

Anything and everything…..

Between classes (and I don’t even study, I’ve mastered the art of Acing tests without it), and 20-30 hours at work, I’m in at least one of the two places every day, if not both.

There’s so much junk I want to do. I’d love to do PE of course, I got a couple hobbies I’ve ignored and neglected completely, my drum set has so much dust on it, its become a totally different color, I’d love to go to the gym 5 times a week but I haven’t been able to go once in over 2 years, not to mention eating + sleeping + showers, and some good ole relaxing/watching sports every now and then…

I don’t have 40 hours in a day. There is just too much stuff to do and for such a long time I’ve ended up neglecting almost all of it, instead of picking one.

I suppose its a bit harder for me as I can’t just PE whenever I want, not exactly in a private place here….but I’m certainly not the only one with that issue, how do you guys do it? =/

Currently laid off, so I have alot of alone time with wang.

I do some stretches in the morning after my shower, kegels on my commute to work, piss pulls during the day whenever I use the restroom, and more stretches and my jelqs before I go to bed. Between all that I somehow manage to work, be a dad, husband, as well helping out around the house. I practice my guitar every day for 30 min at lunch, I keep updated on current events, and read this forum almost every night. It’s a balancing act for sure, and at some point I will add some more things that I want to do, like working out, learning Spanish, chi gong, reading more, etc. I try to create a new habit out of each next thing I want to take on, then it’s just something I do, not something I have to plan or think about. Don’t get down on yourself when you don’t get every thing you think you should accomplished. Do the things that you do with earnestness, and enjoy them.

“Life is what happens to you when your busy making other plans” John Lennon

Just remember, with most things in life each additional unit spent on that activity will yield a smaller result. So you need find a good trade-off between the benefit and cost of that activity.

For example I’m pretty sure that the gains made from the 5th day of gym will not justify the cost (time) spent.

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