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Finding the Perfect Weekly Routine for PE

Finding the Perfect Weekly Routine for PE

I think every or most guys quest on here including myself is trying to find out that perfect routine that is time efficient, convenient and will optimize gains in the shortest time possible.However, from reading lots of different forums and general investigation into the subject, there seems to be allot of information written on specific exercises and techniques but nothing really addressing the complete background and foundations for performing penis enlargement. For example, before commencing PE, there are obvious critical factors that will determine ones success in performing their routine as compared to another guy’s success. Such factors will include: 1.the age and hormone levels- obviously in general younger guys will have higher hormone levels like testosterone, growth hormone and DHT so will be better placed to make gains 2. Circulation and exercise/fitness level - some guys will have better blood circulation than other guys as a result of performing more exercise like running or in better health and shape.3.the diet- some guys will eat healthy and may not drink or smoke while others may smoke and eat allot of junk food restricting their circulation. 4.The equipment or specific exercises & techniques used - Some devices or techniques will obviously be allot more effective than others thus influencing the individual results. Also, There is allot of commercial hype written about various devices and pills to use, but in allot of cases these tend to be more harmful than beneficial resulting in the user not obtaining any gains at all, wasting money and becoming impotent/ed. For example, some guy that may not be in shape and has bad circulation looking to buy the latest hanger or device as a result of reading positive reviews on the net but when buys and uses it ends up with a limp dick. So before commencing a routine, there has to be a common baseline or standard that addresses the critical factors I discussed above, so that individual results will be more parallel and the exercises or devices can be assessed more accurately as to their actual effectiveness.

From my experience and research:

I have found that it is essential to perform running exercise regularly and use circulation enhancing pills to optimize gains - most herbal pills don’t work or have placebo or little to no effects but just burn a hole in your pocket. The best pill excluding the prescription ones like Viagra or laced prescription herbal ones that get banned seems to be Extenze pill. I have tried Vigrx-rx with little to no effect however extenze pill was by far better and gave me immediate results and temporary size. This combined with pumping on the day of using it gave me significant size increase, even better than that was the xzen pill one with the guaranteed size increase written on the packaging but this is probably banned now but produced porn star effects albeit temporarily!ha. Perhaps if one pumps regularly using a quality and safe pump like bath-mate for lets say 15mins at a time most days of the week consistently and addressing their circulation by doing regular running and using pills they will end up with significant gains in the long-term, at least in girth!

When performing jelqing I have found that this tends to be very time consuming and perhaps a greater chance of doing damage than using the bath-mate. If you check it out on Google search, it says that it is very dangerous to do and creates scar tissue which results in your dick actually getting smaller and you becoming impotent. I would definitely advise against doing this erect but even not erect it just seems very time consuming and not as productive in augmenting your dick like a pump does, providing that you don’t pump too long or use too much pressure in the pump. I would say that allot of porn stars use pumps before they shoot combined with Viagra/caverject injection and maybe dapoxetine pill for delaying. There’s nothing too mysterious about it, just pump and take the drug/injection, bang! You’re a porn star!

In regards to obtaining length, the manual stretches again seem very time consuming and counter productive. Its hard to imagine by stretching your dick every day with your hands its going to turn into a monster! Perhaps you will end up with a very skinny bit longer dick in maybe 10 years time! Good luck! Ha so its not really worth doing. Using an extender seems to be more beneficial, as this provides constant traction (which you can increase periodically with the rods) and is backed up by science that it actually works- but make sure you don’t wear it to work or college or you might scare a few of the ladies!he-he. I think pretty much that allot of the extenders on the market are the same, the same principles and design, but most importantly that you can wear it for longer periods of time without cutting off the blood flow. Otherwise, you’ll probably end up with just a skinny limp dick rather than the Trojan horse you were hoping for! Ha. I ha ved personally used the x4 labs extender and its seems to be okay but like most similar extender it still cuts off blood albeit being able to wear it for long enough. Recently, I have purchased a size doctor extender, it is actually being used as part of the penis lengthening procedure in some PE clinic in Mexico and was backed up by some PE surgeon guru called Dan Salas I think so might be worth a look! Anyway, unlike my x4 labs extender this is a vacuum pump as well as just a traction device and does not cause any circulation restriction and enlarges the glans also. From that info I would assume that it is more effective than the size genetics and x4 labs.

Lastly, I want to discuss combining different exercises and devices. This is how I feel most guys injure themselves and don’t get any gains! For example, when I combined the bath-mate with jelqing after it I just had negative results- my erection quality was very poor after it and the next morning I couldn’t get any wood so I think its important that you don’t combine exercises and devices at once or you will just create scar tissue in your dick and injure it. A better more effective and safer routine would be to just pump in the bath-mate in the mornings for most days, take circulation pills, and use the extender for 4-6 hours after pumping. For a few days of the week, lets say 3 in-adjacent days when your circulation is at its best, you could perform some horse squeezes and Ulis and maybe some light non-erect jelqing but the squeezes and Ulis are most effective manual girth exercise but every other day as it will damage you otherwise. Also, before exercise and after make sure to use warm towel wrap and creams to ensure you recover quickly. If you want to comment on this or have any expert advice please do!

I’m very new to PE but what I’ve read is that there is completely nothing wrong with using such devices as long as you have already gained substantial experience with the manual way. This completely makes sense especially for beginners who risk injury if their dick is not strong enough to take any external mechanical force.

No personal experience on the efficacy of PE pills but heard they don’t work. As with exercise, it is a MUST for our general well-being whether you are doing PE or not; it’s non-negotiable. I think it’s kinda weird to have a big dick as the main motivator for exercising. But if it gets you off the couch then so be it! Lol!

Do you mind sharing your before and after stats since using these devices? How much experience do you have in PE?

01/18/2016: BPEL: 6.0" | NBPEL: 5.5" | EG: 4.125"

Goal: NBPEL: 6.5" | EG: 5"+

Hi Direstrife, to be honest with you I havent measured! Ha but I’m bigger than average. I’m quite new to this although I have performed manual exercises in the past in my 20’s and obtained very quick gains( probably due to higher hormone levels) but lost them shortly after I stopped doing the manual exercises so nothing permanent. Yeah, what you said is correct in that you need to be conditioned and well prepared before you commence the exercises and not suffering from any erectile dysfunction. Otherwise, there is a high chance that you will injure yourself at some point and get the dreaded limp dick and no morning wood encounter. But like me if you don’t plan on or have the time and privacy to stay in a toilet for nearly an hour jerking off every day, then I would rank using the pump(bathmate) ahead of the manual exercises for obtaining girth.Although, I still recommend doing manual exercises especially ulis and squeezes 3 times per week alongside the extender and pumping.Also, it is important that you perform kegel exercises most days of the week for harder and longer lasting wood, you can get a kegel training app on the android play store that sends you daily reminders to your phone for your desired/allocated times. By not jerking off so much jelqing, you are reserving your testosterone and dht hormone levels which should help you obtain gains quicker. Edging/ballooning is beneficial for increasing testosterone/dht where you massage(not exercise) and don’t cum but you don’t want to spend too much time doing it. In regards to supplements, ensure that you cycle them or they will end up not working and just burning a hole in your pocket. Without doubt, supplements work to increase bloodflow/testosterone etc. But you have to exercise/cardio regularly and cycle them for them to be effective. It is wiser to purchase a whole bunch of various herbs than an all in one like vig rx that will have missing herbs that can be beneficial, for example- vig rx does not contain tongkat ali which is prob best natural testosterone enhancer. Also it does not contain butea superba which has been proven to elevate dht levels and as you may know dht hormone is responsible for genital development. Also, the pill Extenze which I use personally contains yohimbine, a herb that is highly effective for increasing bloodflow to extremities but can potentially be dangerous if ingested by people with heart conditions or blood pressure problems. To counter this, I only take these pills 3 in-adjacent days max per week plus they will stop working if you continuously take them as herbs need to be cycled for effectiveness. Another thing, I would highly recommend that if any guy is serious about PE then they stop watching porn. This has no real benefit, because 1. You are watching other people have sex & enjoy themselves 2. You will end up comparing your dick size to pornstars that are naturally big or have enlarged their dicks by spending alot of time doing what I discussed or got dick implants/surgery so just focus on your own dick 3. You will drain your testosterone and dht levels by jerking off the whole time and restrict your potential for growth 4. From watching too much porn you won’t be able to get naturally very hard or last long when you have sex with a real woman 5. Its a filthy habit and just wastes time and energy BUT you can use you matches on tinder app or pics of your gf to turn you on! Just nothing naked ha! And your dick will be hard when you need it to be hard!

Recommend supps :( cycled) extenze, butea superba, tongkat ali, panax ginseng,trib terrestris, avena sativa, cnidium, fo-ti, maca, damiana, zinc/zma, arginine hcl/citrulline, pomegranate, pine bark, deer antler, gaba, horny goat weed, catuaba, mucuna, l-carnitine, rhodiola, fish oil, evening primrose oil, cayenne and garlic, celery, blueberries, 2litres of water daily.

Content aside, those big, long, rambling posts are just about painful to read. Maybe you could make your future posts a little more “digestible” by paragraph breaks and making your point a little more concisely.

:_pump: :donatecar

No prob, anyway guys this above is working for me! Its better than those long time consuming jelqing and hardcore stretches everyday in my opinion, but you have to focus on every area to get results- ie your diet,exercise, supplements, hormone levels,rest, devices/ exercis etc not just on the exercises as everyone is in different shape/levels of fitness and circulation. Anyway, I have never been bigger from doing this it is working for me anyway!, hope to reach 9” soon, however what might work for me might not work for you! Vice versa so be careful and do your research and Good Luck!

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