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"Find out what's best for you"

"Find out what's best for you"

This line drove me crazy every time I searched the forums for the ultimate routine that would guarantee gains. There would always be a bunch of routines based off different schools of thought, and the bottom line would always be “you have to find out what’s best for you.” Did anyone else find this incredibly annoying?

Well actually, I must finally agree. All of the talk about PI’s are 10000% true folks. You really do have to just search and search and search until you hit that one spot where your dick just feels GREAT. Last night was maybe the third or fourth time I’ve experienced a period of growth in the past 12 or so months of PEing, and every single time I gained it was preceded by amazing erections, great flaccid hangs, and a generally healthy looking dick.

There’s almost something beyond that too though that I can’t quite put my finger on. You know how every time you get a cold it begins with a rundown feeling and possibly tingling in your throat which makes you go “ahh shit”? It’s gotta be like that, but with a positive spin to it, so just a general feeling in your dick that the goings good. I switched from a routine that was basically shriveling my dick to a new one and I almost expected gains it felt so right.

Okay okay, sorry for getting spiritual on everyone’s asses. Back to work, gentlemen.

Congrats on finding your sweet spot 4thewind, make sure you stick with it til you’ve squeezed all the gains out. :up:

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I know what you mean. It surely would be easier to get a routine handed to you and you just doing it. At the moment we all have to be “experts” (or at least read a lot on the subject) before even beginning. The upside of that is that you become independent and doesn’t have to rely on anyone but yourself :) So keep searching and testing what is good for you :)

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Originally Posted by 4thewind
You really do have to just search and search and search until you hit that one spot where your dick just feels GREAT.

Exactly! And the sooner you accept that fact, the quicker you can quit beating your dick to death, and do a routine that gives you great EQ and gains!

There really is a HUGE variation in what will work for different guys. Some can do hours of PE and get great gains and great EQ.

For some, 5 minutes of jelquing may even be too much. You really have to read the responses of your body and adjust the routine based on what you are seeing.

It’s so hard to tell what feels great for me. I have jelqed with a hard grip and a light grip, and don’t really know what feels better. Also when you jelq are you suppose to see an increase in girth above the grip with each stroke?

I see a minor increase with moderate instead of light pressure regardless of erection level, but nothing more than that.

Am I on the right track?

This is so true. I’ve started and stopped PE’ing about 3 times now after basicaly ruining my EQ after following the newbie routine. Now, I’m doing just 5 mins of jelqing for every session (2 days, 1 off), and already I feel a big difference and I’m only about 2-3 weeks in my program.

I even decided to take a night off after feeling too tired and woke up rock hard, had almost constant erections all day and I think I just had the best jelq session I ever had tonight. I looked down and thought “Why the hell do I think I’m small?:D “. Your friend will definitely treat you right, if you treat him right. The only hard part is finding out what he likes.’s so good to get these posts once in a while to remind me not to go overboard with the routine and think things through yet another time.

I’ve been reading a tremendous amount of PE in this forum, and is currently trying to understand Xenolith’s philosophy, but as you drift of in these theories it’s easy to forget the small but important things like PI’s, EQ and that good feeling of a perfect workout workout.

Thank you for the reminder 4thewind.

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