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After countless hours reading this forum and learning about the various techniques and methods involved in penis enlargement, I have decided it was time for a “proper” introduction.

This decision was partially prompted by the fact that being part of this community will, I believe, give more motivation to be consistent in my efforts towards achieving a more harmonious body.

So I’m a 23 year old guy, I’m English but studying mathematics and living abroad, in the south of France. My main areas of interest, include self improvement in all it’s forms, eg., physical health and mental development, as well as social interactions and “computer stuff”.

I registered on these forums to acquire a vaster knowledge of penis enlargement, as most people here no doubt did. What got me interested in the possibility of a larger, longer and healthier unit was the combination of two factors:

1) I believe a longer (rather than larger) organ would make my body more “complete”, bring me closer to the total physical package I want to be.

2) I suffer from a nasty problem: my penis is excruciatingly painful during any erection after having ejaculated for a period of 12 to 24 hours. I have a theory, which I believe I briefly exposed in one of my first posts, which is that I unconsciously contract my pelvic floor whenever I’m stressed, leading to a permanently overworked and out of shape penis, ejaculation worsening the stress. This theory has been proved to be correct after a doctor gave me digital rectal examination and I had the same penis pain as after ejaculation as well as falling in the bath and smashing my tailbone onto the tap (yeah ouch!) which produced the same pain. More to the point, I noticed that when I first tried penis enlargement methods and particularly stretching, the pain in my penis changed and lessened considerably. My take on this phenomenon is that the pelvic muscles working over hard fill my penis with too much blood and that by stretching it, I’m releasing the internal pressure.

Any way, being tied up in exams, it’s not really possible for me to give penis enlargement enough time to see results. I intend to pick up PE at full speed as soon as I have more time to myself, which should be in a couple of weeks. My goal is to add any where from half to inch to an inch and a half over a year. My penis size varies between 5”0 and 5”5 and hits 6”0 when I’m ejaculating. My target is to be at about 6”0 - 6”5 non-bone pressed. Being at 4”75 around, I think an increase of 0”25 in girth would be nice but I’m not that bothered. I previously had done some penis enlargement, the newbie routine, and found I gained very quickly lengthwise: not far off half an inch in three weeks or so, so I’m hoping to reach my goals quickly and spend most of the next 12 months cementing my gains.

As a final note, I would like to introduce you to a couple of books I read after reading stereomike’s posts in the are women aware of showers and growers thread. You probably have heard of the before. The first one is Sex God Method by Daniel Rose, which is about improving one’s sex life and performances by focusing on four elements of sex, and The Game by Neils Strauss, which is about becoming a pickup artist. You can pm me if you want more detailed information.

PS: I hope it’s okay to reference books as I didn’t see any thing about this in the forum guidelines.


Welcome aboard and happy gaining. You’ll find in TP much more than a PE forum. Check your PM.

It’s ok referencing books if there isn’t any violations of copyright: it means you can link to sites where some parts of the books are published; you can also explain what is written in a book, but not copying word-per-word what is written in the book.

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