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Finally starting PE

Finally starting PE

Finally I got the kick that I needed; however it was not a very pleasant one. I’ve been lurking around the PE sites on the net for quite a while now, gathering information. This forum seems to be the most serious one, and NOT commercial!!

What got me started was when I accidentally watched an e-mail that my wife had sent to a long-time ago ex. They had been mailing each other erotic fantasies for a couple of months. This discovery was painful enough but when I read some of the conversations I was crushed.
She told the man that she had been longing for large dick to fill her up ever since she left him, that is 16 years ago! I knew the man had a member considerably above average but my wife have always told me I have been more than enough for her, what a joke!!!

Of course she resigned completely when I confronted her with my discovery, she begged and cried that this was just a foolish game and she had been carried away with it developing. Well, I forgive her but in my mind the size question is burnt in forever. Therefore I have decided to dedicate myself to PE. When I reach my goal 8”x 6”, I will reconsider my marriage and decide whether to leave her or love her ( I’m currently at 6.7” x 5.1” ). I know this revenge plan of mine is stupid but I’ve been hurt so badly that I would love to see her face when I grows bigger and bigger and at the end maybe leaves her.

I have started with a gently routine as follows:

10 min Hot Wrap
15 manual stretches
100 jelq
warm down

5 days on 2 days off.

I will increase the routine and maybe add other exercises as well gradually.

Do any of you have suggestions or comments to my routine, maybe even a plan on how to get to 8x6 in shortest time possible without injury?

Lots of craps coming out of me here but hell, better to tell you guys than a $100 shrink.




Just a few quick PE notes.

Try a different schedule like 2 on and 1 off, or on/off. 5/2 is more a hanging schedule. But you could try 5/2 if you like. Also, after you’ve done that light stuff for a bit, try working up incrementally. Always good to go slow and light in the beginning. I was more time-conscious than stroke-count conscious when I jelqued. Something to think about once you get an even stroke down, and much easier to just set a timer.

OK, that was the easy stuff. And I think I won’t be the only one to chime in here…

Er, that is just rough stuff you’ve mentioned. I had an unfaithful wife. And whether yours actually did or does physical stuff or not, the real underlying issue is the emotional betrayal and abandonment of the relationship. There are all sorts of guys in here who will discuss this with you, because we’ve dealt with it. I’d recommend hanging out and talking about that, in addition to your PE efforts. Separate the two - do not combine them and do not think PE is the solution.

It would be simple to say that what your wife is wanting is a big penis. That would also be a lie. She wants, in her mind, a better relationship. Whether with you or someone else. Yes, she could be just enjoying fantasy, but when it’s with someone outside of the marriage, it takes a dangerous and unhealthy turn. It is more of a symptom of a problem than just a problem in itself. Not that it’s not a problem, Er, because you are hurt.

So concentrating on making a big penis won’t make it a better relationship, believe me. I lost my marriage for various reasons (and not sure that’s such a bad thing). But I chose to fantasize afterwards that if my penis was bigger, then my ex-wife would have really desired me. How ridiculous. First, at almost 6” of girth and her with an excessively tight twat, it was hard for her. She did not like a big penis. It became so much easier for me to concentrate MY shortcomings on my penis and WOW!, now I can make it bigger and I’ll be that dude that every chick wants. I trust you know that isn’t how it really goes.

In reality, making a big penis is soooo easy. Making a big personality that a woman just can’t help but feel smitten by is very, very difficult. It makes me bang my head against the wall at times.

Look, Er, do your PE, because it’s nice to be bigger and it’s also very healthy for you. But get face to face with her and ask her the hard questions. Save your marriage while you can and let her know you are committed to it. OK, that is alot of what I wish I had done. But I hope you understand the gist of it all.

Sorry if it was a sermon. I wish you well, Er.

Btw, you can PM me and we can continue discussion out of the forum if you’d like.


At 6.7x5.1 you yourself are slightly above average.

It is difficult to comment on your wife’s actions. It could be just fantasy play. It is tough to know. Anyhow I can see how you are pissed even if it was only fantasy stuff - a betrayal either way.

You seem to have reasonable goals. and your listed workout is quite a reasonable begining however you will want to gradually increase your jelqs to 500 over about 6 weeks or so. be careful.

I think stopping at 8x6 and reevaluating your size is reasonable - I think if it were me I’d be re evaluating my marriage now.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Yes, I agree with Luvdadus. Honest reevaluation is necessary.

I said all that stuff, which is true, coming from the standpoint of not BSing yourself about your own shortcomings. I completely neglected to mention that you have to honestly assess your wife and what is going on there. I did not for many years and suffered many betrayals at her hands. That will not happen again. It has caused deep cuts on my mind and heart, but I am working to overcome it. I do not want you to suffer the same, dude.

er, if you don’t mind me saying, your wife sounds like a nasty piece of work. You probably should have a good think before you get back with her. I hate to say it but she most likely do it again. You are too good for that. 6’7 is above average and it can satisfy any woman (except maybe a woman with a huge ugly black hole). She most likely will do that kind of thing again, women can really fuck with your mind. Any woman that craves HUGE cock obviously has severe mental problems because size is so transparent, she might as well pleasure herself with a full sized bar stool leg.

Once again please don’t be offended by this, I just don’t like seeing fellow guys being trounced upon. Good luck with your goals anyway. From my experience gains your talking about will take maybe two years. (but it’s worth it)



Thank you for your support, and yes I am re evaluating my marriage constantly these days. She is begging me to believe that this was just a one time blunder and that she was tricked into it by the ex. Well, it might be so, but my feelings have been hurt and I’m not sure that I can ever trust her again. The fact that she was psycologically unfaithful and telling him that she had been loooonging for a huge one to fill her up all these years is the worst part. It makes me feel that I have been just a waste of time for her all these years.

Anyhow, I will stick to my routine and gradually increase the excercises to fulfill my goal! Two years are not that long a time when the reward is 8x6!!

PS! I think I would have been PE-ing regardless the incident with my wife. I have always wanted a bigger memeber to show off, not just for the public but also for my own selfconfidence.


Sounds good, Er!

PE is for you, and yeah I can see how you would have been taken up with it regardless of the status of your marriage. That is an honest assessment, I think.

Just make sure you separate PE and WHY you are doing it, from your feelings about your marriage. In other words, I would suggest doing it as if you are a single man, psychologically speaking.

Going back on the marriage thing - I guess I’d want to hear an *honest* reason WHY she started communicating with him again. Or why they are even communicating at all? Doesn’t seem like she respects your feelings in that regard.

Well Er, you got a home and some friends here!


Buster seems to be on the right track with his advice to you. While I realize this is not a marraige counseling site, the guys I’ve met on this site have contributed a lot to my mental, as well as penile, health.

PE is for YOU, no one else, so do it for YOU, not as some “I’m gonna show you” thing. Regarding your wife and obviously it’s none of my business, but I find it most difficult to believe that your wife’s ex “tricked” her into this, especially if they’ve been separated for some 16 years.

You mention distrust - well, it’s gonna be hard as hell to spend your life with a woman whom you distrust. I guess, however, everyone derserves a second chance but, man, even the thought of my wife thinking about cheating on me puts me pretty much into orbit. But I guess it’s something that I’m not gonna know how to handle until the situation presents itself.

Joint counseling might be in your future. My best wishes to you,


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