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Finally some progress.

Finally some progress.

I have finally experienced some gains. Not in my size but in my ejaculation power. I started seriously doing kegels about a week ago. Before that my ejaculation normally shot about 1-3 inches up when laying down. Now, it’s getting closer to a foot straight up in the air.

Now for my next topic. I’m not a newbie but I can’t post in any of the other forums yet so this question does not concern the newbie routine.

Here is the routine I’ve come up with. The schedule is Monday through Friday nights with the weekends as rests (my body generally responds bests to more extreme than normal training schedules).

1.) 5 min. Heating pad warm-up with kegels the whole time.
2.) A-Stretch 5 sets 1 min. Each (Correct me if I’m wrong but I think this is the stretch where you put a rod of some sort across your lap and stretch your penis over it. Whether it is or isn’t what that’s called, that’s what I’ve been doing.)
3.) 4 direction stretch. 30 sec. Each direction, 5 times each direction
4.) Jelq 70%-80% 5 min. (Used as warmup for clamp)
5.) Clamp 4 sets of 10 min.
6.) Jelq 5 min. (I found this to be very effective after a lot of clamping.)

After the workout I wear a clamp just tight enough to keep the girth pump for as long as I can.

First of all, I would really appreciate it if someone could critique my routine. Go ahead and be brutal I can take it.
Now my question concerns my clamped size. My full erection size is 6.75 inches from the pubic bone and 5-5.25 (depending on temperature) inches around. My clamped size however is 7-7.25 in. By 5.5-5.75 in. Is that a normal amount of expansion. I feel no pain during clamping except for some minor skin irritation where the clamp is. It just seems like that’s a big difference.
Thanks in advance.

Now I don’t know much about clamping, but it seems to me that your routine is a bit intense. If you have enough rest days, that’s good, but be careful not to fatigue your penis.

Another thing - if you’re shooting for length it’s advisable not to do too much girth work then. You know, the whole a thin rubber is more easily streched than a fat one thing.

Thanks for reminding me about that. I think I got a little bit absorbed into the idea of girth gain. In that light I think I’ll end up splitting the routine into length and girth workouts.
As for the fatigue part this workout is only a few days old so I’ll see how it goes.

Now a new question. One of my main goals is for flaccid gain. Can someone please recommend a few stretches that work on flaccid length?
It’d be much appreciated.

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